Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I Don't Know What Else To Say

**I have had a "days left of school" countdown on my board since about the beginning of March**

**There has been a lot of shit going down at my job & while I won't be there next year, I'm really curious to see how next year turns out for everyone**

**Rain & thunderstorms make me happy**

**With 32 days left a student convinced me to get a coffee maker for my classroom**

**After randomly checking Walmart for a solid month or more I finally got my brand new 2016-2017 planner & I felt like a kid on Christmas morning**

**I am still at a loss for what to say in my MOH speech**


  1. Keep that countdown rollin'!! :) And yay for a new planner- planners ALWAYS get me way too excited haha

  2. MOH speech: How you met, how you met significant other, something you have in common with the significant other or something funny, something funny about the bride, wrap it up, tell her you love her. I found some outlines online and went off those for Teh Sister's speech.
    I'm pumped about your Walmart calendar not costing you a mabillionty dollars from etsy or whatever designer site there is. IDK. I'm too cheap for that shit.