Monday, April 18, 2016

Call Me The Comeback Kid

Hi!  Remember me?  The girl that used to blog here on a nearly daily basis.  The girl that out of nowhere up & stopped blogging completely for the past 2 months.  Yeah that girl.  Well I'm back.  Life happening is the only reason I have for not blogging at all for the past couple of months.  I'm sure I missed a ton while I was away because in all honesty I didn't take the time to read a single blog at all after I stopped writing.  I know a lot has happened on my end in that time.  Softball ended this past Friday so I've decided to make my come back.

Here are some highlights of what's been going on in my life since February:

50 days, 14 games, & 5 multi-day/all day tournaments later softball has started & ended.  Varsity went 0-8 in district while JV won or tied a majority of their games.  This past Friday was their final game of the season.  While I am so ready to be done after 6 straight months of having no break from practices & games, I am going to miss these girls.

Valentine's Day weekend my friend Alicia flew down to see me.  We hit up the Stockyards the first night she was in town & then spent the next night in Austin exploring Congress & hitting up 6th Street.  We ate our weight in food, realized we're getting way too old for the college bar scene, and listened to some awesome live music.

That same weekend Mr. Midwest surprised me by cooking me dinner for Valentine's Day.

I spent a couple different weekends in Dallas.  We also realized we're getting old when we tried to hit up downtown Dallas for St. Patrick's Day.  That lasted all of one walk through a crowd of super drunk people & way too long of lines for drinks before heading back to a much quieter (& cheaper) truck yard for food & drinks.

My parents came down & visited me as well.  We went to the rodeo in the Stockyards, ate BBQ pretty much all weekend, went to Waco in an attempt to go to Magnolia Farms but line was blocks long, I bought some new boots, & they met Mr. Midwest.

As is our annual tradition, I went to San Antonio to visit my friend Robyn for the San Antonio Rodeo.  As per usual we were late.  For 4 straight years we have managed to unsuccessfully see the entire rodeo & concert.  Here's to hoping year 5 is a success for us...

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Mr. Midwest & I attended the wedding of a former coworker of mine.

Not Pictured: 

**I passed my Special Education certification test & am now certified to teach social studies grades 4-12, ESL 4-12, & SPED 4-12.  Between that & my 4 years teaching experience/2 years coaching experience I'm getting a little cocky landing a new job**

**Which better be as easy as I'm hoping it is because on February 19th I resigned from my current job without having a new one line up.  Unintentionally that's the exact same thing I did on the exact same date last year**

**I have an interview lined up for this Thursday so everyone cross your fingers & say a little prayer that I get the job!**


  1. We've missed you!! Glad you're back to blogging. Thanks for the update, and congrats on the new teaching certification!

  2. I was beginning to worry about you... anyway, good luck on Thursday...

  3. Yay glad you're back!! Seems like you have ha da busy and fun past couple of months!!

  4. YAYYY!!!! So many great adventures.
    As I told you, you've been missed.

    Hopefully you'll be able to find a job with minimal stress now that you've got certs like a boss! Even still, it's almost summa-time, which means VACATION!