Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The More You Know...

More Coffee Less Talky

**I get far more annoyed by my students that are tattle tales & brown nosers than by the ones that are legit not following the rules**

**I showed my students a video about lost kingdoms of South America...anytime they said herbs they pronounced the h...I watched it 6 times in one day...I wanted to pull my hair out each time it was said**

**I feel like I haven't really slept since before Thanksgiving & am just walking around like a zombie**

**I took a nap last Friday & woke up so delirious I thought I had slept for over 12 hours when really it had only been 1.5...I even thought my phone was messed up when it told me it was still Friday**

**I took Monday off just because I wanted another day off.  I used my real life ear infection as the excuse but in reality just wanted another day away from work**


  1. Everyone needs a "mental" health day!!

  2. Oh man, I hate tattle tells and brown nosing!!! I was never one to do it and I wouldn't tolerate it now either! And ummm everyone needs a day off!!!! Thanks for linking up with us!