Thursday, December 10, 2015

Sh*t My Students Say Vol. 14

Male Student: Miss you sound like you're from Canada

Female Student (OT): Miss!  So this weekend I was at the movies and I wasn't wearing any make-up & people said I looked just like you.
**A few days later**
Male Student: Oh my God miss you're wearing make-up!
Me: Yeah I was trying to look more like OT
MS: You two are like twins I swear!

Male Student: What do you all think old is?  I think old is like 30 & above.  If you're're old.
Me: Umm I'm almost 30.
MS: Well then you're almost old Miss.
Me: Rude
MS: It's okay're going to be fun old.  Not like Female Student back there.  She's going to be the old lady yelling at kids & dogs to get off her lawn.

Basketball Player: Coach, what are you wearing? You look like you're ready for bed!

**Really I was wearing yoga pants & a hoodie**

Student: Miss you look nice a librarian

**My bathroom pass is a Chick Fil A cow**
Student: Miss whenever I take the pass to the bathroom I always leave it on the sink because it feels like he's staring at me & it creeps me out!


  1. Seriously I am most crying over the bathroom pass.

  2. I'd prefer them leave the cow on the sink than to the toilet with them.. Who knows what would happen with it if they weren't creeped out by it! SOO MUCH BLEACH NECESSARY!

    I had to fight the urge to wear gym pants and a hoodie to work today because it's Friday...