Thursday, November 19, 2015

If I'm Being Totally Honest...

I was on Pinterest the other day, which is rare within itself anymore, when I decided to take a look at my DIY board.  176.  That's the number of pins I have had in my DIY board.  I couldn't even tell you the last time I DIY'd something.  A long long time ago that's for sure.  So I decided to get real with myself & clean house.  There is no way I am ever going to DIY all 176 of those pins.  So my friends, while I at one point had nothing but the best intentions, here are some pins that got the axe cause:

1. Dry Erase Weekly Calendar Frame
Dry erase weekly calendar frame.  Cute!:

2. Dry Erase Menu Board
love this menu board -  frame, paper, and a dry erase marker. (can add magnets to back to stick on fridge):

3. Light Bulb Vases
This is unique! Re-purpose old light-bulbs!:

4. Flower Pillows

5. Tennis Ball Object Holder

6. Re-purposed T Shirts

7. Sweater Sleeve Wine Bottle Bags
Use the sleeve from an old sweater to cover a bottle. Cute winter idea!:

8. T Shirt Quilts
T-Shirt Quilts - good to know how many shirts it takes:

9. Bridesmaid Dress Turned Baby Quilt
turn your bridesmaid dress into a baby quilt and gift it back to the bride at her baby shower! Cute!:

10. No Sew Sleeping Bag
no sew sleeping bag. What an ADORABLE "fancy" little girl's dreamy sleeping bag!!! Change the fabric and it works great for a boy! Make it smaller for babies when passing them around and you won't have to worry about them becoming uncovered!!!:

There were way more I could have included, and even more still that I could have deleted but still held onto.

What are some things that you have/had good intentions of making yourself but haven't gotten around to months/years later?


  1. I need to do some DIY prioritizing myself on Pinterest!!

  2. i only go on pinterest when i need an idea for something! mostly for crafting or recipes.

  3. I don't DIY anything.

    I usually only go on pinterest when I need to find something I've pinned or a recipe.