Monday, November 16, 2015

And So It Begins...

"Paris turned off their lights to respect the victims and their families. The rest of the world turned them on to show solidarity"  #PrayerForParis

Friday the girls had their first game of the season.  JV & Varsity played a team that was an hour away so they got out of school early to head to the game.  The freshmen team & I headed to our game, which was much closer, right after school ended.  All 3 teams wound up losing.  Freshmen lost by 10, JV by 5, & Varsity by 27.  Even though they lost, and mistakes were definitely made, the freshmen team actually did a lot better than I expected them too.  I got home around 7:30, ate, started writing this post (aka got the picture up), decided I was too exhausted to put thoughts into words, & fell asleep around 9 pm.  

Because I had gone to bed at 9 pm the night before, I was up way before I needed to be.  My alarm was set for 8 but I was awake by 6-6:30.  I laid in bed until 7:45 before deciding to just get up & get ready for the day.  For the first time since I don't remember when I actually made a real breakfast & sat down to eat it instead of just quick heating something up & walking out the door.  The JV & Varsity girls each had a game that morning/afternoon so all of the girls needed to be at the school by 10.  While all of the girls were actually there before 10, chaos ensued almost immediately.  The lock to our storage room was jammed which meant that they couldn't really practice because there were no basketballs.  The girls who were moving up to Varsity from JV or to JV from freshmen almost didn't get jerseys because the extras were also stuck in the storage closet.  The bust was having issues & the game started 30 minutes before we thought it was supposed to so we showed up right at game time.  In the end JV lost by 9 & Varsity lost by 20.  Varsity had a 10 point lead at the end of the first quarter but then shut down after 2 girls on the opposing team each scored a 3.  Apparently the same thing had happened the night before.

While I was at the game Mr. Midwest said that he was possibly going to have 2 tickets to the Stars v Wild game that night & to be prepared because his friend that has the tickets wasn't sure if he & his wife would be able to use them that night.  Unfortunately for us they were able to use them.  I asked if he'd still want to go if I bought cheap tickets & he said he really just wanted to relax at home.  At first I was a little bummed because MN Wild but pretty much right after he told me that I also passed out for about an hour-hour & a half so in the end it's probably best we didn't go.

My original plan for the day was to go find a park to walk/run at & clean my apartment.  However, I got home like 2.5 hours later than I had thought I would & was so tired that once I woke up from my nap I just relaxed at home, did some blogging, & got brave enough to see how much money I had left in my checking account.  It actually wasn't near as bad as it usually is this close to pay day (probably because pay day is a week early this month ha.)  I was still proud of myself though.

Sunday November 15th, also known as my most basic white girl day to date.  Little Miss Adamant That Leggings Are NOT Pants...decided to start her day by wearing leggings, a flannel shirt, & slouchy boots.  This was followed by a manicure, BOGO Starbucks with a cake pop of course, Schlotzkys soup & sandwich for lunch, & blogging.

Beyond being basic it was actually a productive day.  I once again actually made breakfast & sat down to enjoy it, went grocery shopping, bought fresh flowers for the apartment, prepped food for the week, got my nails redone, & knocked out some blog posts while watching football.

I started to take a picture of the soup I made for my lunches this week but it kind of looked like vomit so I figured I'd spare y'all.  It tastes a whole lot better than it looks & I'll share the recipe for the Beefy Nacho Soup on Friday.  It's getting cool here & most of this week is supposed to be rainy so I decided I wanted simple & comforting all week.  Beefy Nacho Soup for lunches & grilled cheese & tomato soup for suppers.  Ever since I started adding cream cheese to my grilled cheese I really have been obsessed.  It's so good.  I also bought some avocado to add to it along with the normal bacon.


  1. Your nails look great. I love the one nail with sparkles!

  2. Love what you did with your nails! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Sometimes you just have to be basic and wear leggings.

  4. Love the nail color with the accent sparkly nail! Can't wait to get mine done again for the holidays.

  5. Anything with avacado is beyond perfection!

  6. I'm exhausted just reading about all this!
    Real breakfast always makes me happier and feel more adulty than quick breakfast.