Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The North Star State

I had seen Kathy do a post on ignorant things people ask about Canada & Kristen do one about Australia.  I thought this was a fun idea & wanted to see what some Minnesota stereotypes were that I could debunk.

If I can relate to over half of that video I'm a walking talking stereotype??

1. People in Minnesota don't use the word casserole
This is a fact.  There is one thing & one thing only that I call casserole & that's green bean casserole.  And to be honest I don't know why that gets to be called a casserole because literally everything else that the rest of the country would call a casserole we call hot dish.
Tator Tot Hot Dish
**If you've never had it, just trust me, you'll love it**

2. We talk like the cast of Fargo
I'm going 50/50 on this one.  I'd like to think that most of the time I don't have that thick of an accent but I definitely have friends that do.  I also apparently say "bag" weird...I guess it sounds like I say "beg."  I do say you betcha.  I do say dontcha know.  I do say oh geez.  I do say oofda.  I do elongate my o's.

3. We say "eh" a lot
Ok this one is false.  I only say it when I'm being sassy/sarcastic to someone who isn't from MN & they like to think we do.  It's usually followed by my own stereotype of "I'm not from Canada!"

4. It's cold all year round.
Also not true.  It's just cold most of the year haha.  As a general rule it doesn't really start getting cold until around November & it starts warming up again around March/April.  So it's only cold half the year.  June-August can be hot as balls though.  And it's humid as all get out because 10,000 lakes.

5. We all love hockey
Well I do.  I don't/won't ever like the Dallas Stars simply because they were the Minnesota North Stars before.  Hockey is also the only sport that gets me so upset that I cry on a regular basis over playoff games.  Of course not ALL of us do but in my mind most of us do.  But we are the state of hockey after all y'all.  For crying out loud the below was an actual ad campaign in Minnesota... "He brought hockey back!"

6. We all love Prince
Well I mean I'll belt out Purple Rain...and I love pointing out that he's from Minnesota...and more than once I've said "Let's go find his house."  But I don't think I actually love Prince.  I couldn't even tell you another Prince song off the top of my head.

7. "Our governor can beat up your governor"
I hang my head in shame that that was ever a phrase uttered out of the mouths of people in Minnesota...especially after the whole Chris Kyle trial...

8. We all love hunting & fishing
Again, I'm sure not everyone does.  Okay I know not everyone does.  I however do.  In fact, I'm rather upset that I don't get to go this year because of basketball season.

9. Minnesota nice
So I was going to say this is a lie & I think it's more small town nice.  However, that would be a lie.  People in Minnesota are nice.  It's just how we do.  More often than not when I tell people I'm from Minnesota, right after they say "eh" "dontcha know" or "you betcha," if they've been there they tell me how nice the people are.

10. Long goodbyes
Holy mother of God yes.  To the point where as a child, when we'd be at family things & my mom would say it's time to go, we knew we didn't actually have to stop playing with our cousins.  It wasn't really time to go until there was outside movement to the car.  Even at that point people are still saying goodbye as your walking out the door & sometimes even standing outside to wave as you're driving off.  I think this is why I like to ghost escape...because I know if I start saying goodbye I'll be there forever.

Perhaps I was the wrong person from Minnesota to do this post.  Or perhaps we're really just that transparent.  Or maybe no one really ever thinks about Minnesota & therefore they don't really have anything ignorant to say about it.  The only things people really ever say to me is "eh" "dontcha know" & "you betcha."  And since I do say 2 out of 3...they're kinda right...


  1. They say beg in Wisconsin too, it drives me bonkers. The heck is a beg. It's a BAG Baaag. You crazy northerners ;)

  2. My Mom is in Minnesota and it is hilarious with the you betcha, and oofda. Dontcha know was my favorite though. The Minnesota nice my mom says is a little fake but I'll take that with a grain of salt. I have heard of the hot dish.