Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Random That Is My Brain

Forever & a day ago Steph did a post about the thoughts she had while she was getting a massage.  I hope it was Steph anyway...it was so long ago I could be wrong...if I'm wrong I apologize to both parties.  Anyway,  I knew right then & there that I wanted to do that the next time I got a massage.  Well, I never got one because the place I bought a Groupon for didn't have anything that worked for me...but I did get a mani/pedi on the last day of school & that's almost as good...

Why is picking a nail color so hard

Why don't they have the color I want 

Damn my indecision 

I want my nails and toes to match

I guess they don't have to match 

As long as they don't clash my clothes for the trip I'm fine

When did I even become a girl that cares
Honestly I'm glad they just talk to each other in a language I don't understand..it saves me from small talk

I really don't like small talk

Oh boy they're talking the girl next to me into getting her eyebrows waxed...mine look like shit

This is part painful, part tickles, part relaxing

I wonder if they hate when people leave polish on their fingers & they have to take it off 

If so they're about to hate my shitty chip job

If I were rich I'd probably do this all the time actually

I should look into getting rich...

Thank God I shaved my legs Sunday & my leg hair grows incredibly slow

I wish my armpit hair grew that slow

If I were rich I'd get laser hair removal too

Omg this exfoliating lotion is heaven on my mosquito bites

I really hope Groupon gives me a refund on the massage I couldn't use...today would've been complete if I got one of those though

Are there actually stones for this hot stone pedicure or just these hot towels

Not that these towels aren't awesome

First thought "why do women like such hot showers? It reminds them of the hell they came from." 

Kills me everytime

Hmm I didn't really think about how I was supposed to live blog my thoughts once she got to my hands

Well that solves that problem...my phone just fell to the floor.

Oh there's the stones

My nails look so pretty!

Let's see if I can keep them this way until I at least get back to MN at the end of the week...

And there you have it folks...my constantly moving mind...


  1. These are totally my favorite types of posts because this is how my brain is too. Often, my confessions posts are like this since I keep that post open during the day at work and I update it instead of spamming FB with the inner workings of my mind. I really love doing this when I travel the most though. I'm just so funny. I can't keep that to myself.

    Seriously favorite part was, how am I going to do this without my hands... problem solved, phone dropped. All the lolz.

  2. Love it! It was me with the massage post.

  3. Oh man I wrote a post this week and referenced steph too... I wonder if it was her massage post I was thinking about. I was sure it was here treadmill post. haha whoops either way your brain and my brain are pretty similar!!