Monday, June 15, 2015

Nothing To Write Home About

This weekend was so uneventful that I almost didn't even do a recap today.  In fact, I only decided to write up a post because I skipped Wanderlust Wednesday & Friday Favorites last week due to being on Road Trip 2.0.

I got back from the trip fairly late Thursday so I spent most of the weekend just recuperating after 5 days on the road.

My weekend was boring.

You've been warned.

My day started out by being woken up by Baby Bro who had gone to town to buy me coffee & donuts for breakfast.  Best. Brother. Ever.  My mom took part of the day off & when she got home we headed to Walmart to get stuff for a family thing the following day.  That night Baby Bro made steaks on the grill for supper.


Late morning into early afternoon some of us went to one of my aunt's so they could plan my grandma's 80th birthday party.  Kickass Cousin & I spent most of the time hanging out with her youngest & wondering why we had chosen to go since we didn't really do any of the planning.  It was good to see her kids & some of my aunts though.  That night Baby Bro made burgers on the grill for supper & my daddy came home from work.

I spent a large portion of the morning in bed with an insane sinus headache.  I finally got up & wandered around outside for awhile hoping that fresh air would help.  Luckily it went away as the day went on.  Since my daddy might not get to be home next weekend for Father's Day, Baby Bro & I made brisket, corn on the cob, & red potatoes on the grill for supper.

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  1. There are seriously very few things in the world I enjoy more than roasted corn!!

  2. Coffee and doughnuts for the win! Also I LOVEEEE roasted corn. My dad used to make it for me as a kid all the time!

  3. Hope you're feeling better today! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Hope you are feeling better! That looks like some great grilling grub!

  5. Hope you're back to normal today! Looks like a great dinner on the grill!

  6. Lazy weekends are the best to document! They are soo easy lol. I have to remember to be a good blogger and take photos on lazy weekends.