Thursday, May 21, 2015

How I Spent Cinco De Mayo

5 AM
Wake up time!  My alarm went off at 5...and again at 5:15...and then sometime between 5:15 & 5:30 I finally got out of bed to get dressed, eat my breakfast, make my coffee, & pack my lunch by 6 am.

6 AM
No picture because around 6 am I left my house & spent nearly 45 minutes driving to work.

7 AM
It was a state testing day & there was testing in my classroom so I got displaced to another room.  A room I might add that doesn't really have anything hooked up.  Luckily I had test reviews for them to work on.

8 AM
Pay day!  Which also means...BILL PAYING DAY! HOLLA!  #GrownUpProblems

9 AM
I didn't have a second period class & I didn't want to hang out in a classroom that wasn't mine & didn't have sound...aka no music.  So I went to go hang out in my car where I had real cell service & music.

10 AM
There was a picture...a horrid selfie.  We're on block scheduling so classes are 90 minutes.  So I kept hanging out in my car, listening to music, playing on my phone.

11 AM
I didn't have a 3rd period either so I was assigned to read the testing instructions to kids that showed up late to test.  There were no kids so I just hung out in the hallway talking to my department head.

12 PM
I cleaned out some of my pins...and then added some more...

1 PM
I looked up restaurants & bars in Fort Worth so I know what's there when/if I need to apply for PT jobs when I move back in August.

2 PM
I missed taking a picture because I was dealing with teenage heartbreak.  One of my favorite girls got cheated on & had her heart broken so she wanted to talk one on one in the hallway.

3 PM
School is out!

4 PM
I was super bummed that Chipotle wasn't offering BOGO for teacher appreciation day.  But I still wanted Mexican & needed a drink.  It was Cinco de Mayo after all.  So I headed to Pappasito's for the best jalapeno poppers ever, chips, & a Wave (half sangria, half margarita).

5 PM
It was gorgeous outside so the second I got home I ran around the house opening all of the windows to let in the light & the fresh air.

6 PM
I have never seen Married At First Sight in my life.  Yet, somehow I wound up watching a marathon for awhile...

7 PM
Finally I decided to take a shower & head to Chipotle...which I didn't even eat.  I bought it, with a gift card.  Ate some of the chips & guac because I bought it but saved the bowl & the rest of the chips for the next day.  I really wanted it but I was so not hungry.

8 PM
Playoffs!  Which is such a sore subject right now.  We lost that game...and all 4 of our games against the Blackhawks in round 2 of the playoffs.  I don't wanna talk about it.  Even this picture now makes me sad...

9 PM
The game was late.  Or I'm old.  You pick.  Regardless I made myself a bed on the floor so I could finish watching the game in comfort.

10 PM
Bed time.  Finally.


  1. I didn't do anything special for Cinco de Mayo so your day seems more eventful than mine! I didn't even eat Mexican food or anything!

  2. Oh teenage heartbreak, so sad. I hope she is feeling better.

    Your Cinco meal looks amazing, lady! And I love me some Chipotle guac and chips.

  3. Bed time is the best time! But you're missing your sheets!

  4. You are addicted to Pinterest!! Ha! Poor girl heartache is never good. Married at First Sight is my guilty pleasure too.

  5. I love DITL posts!! Your food looks so good... and I agree with Steph girl where are your sheets hehe