Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

This has been sitting in my drafts for nearly two months.  Back when I read Michael's I knew I wanted to do it, I just never did it until now.

Something I will...

Refuse to do for the rest of my life: 

Always do forever: 
Go after what I want

Something I think is...

Certifiably disgusting: 
People who feel the need to spit every other minute.  Spit happens...I get it...I do it...but if you have to do it every other minute maybe you have a problem...

Absolutely amazing: 
Country music.  Specifically in the car, with the windows down, & sun shining.

A compliment I’ve been given that’s made me...

Feel on top of the world:
Whenever I see students with their friends in the hall that I don't have in my class & I hear them tell their friends how much they love my class...That.  That makes me happy.

Pretty upset: 
I'm not quite sure how a compliment could make someone upset but one time one of our aunts commented on a picture of Kickass Cousin & me & said "look at that you have the same nose" or something to that effect... it was sort of a wtf moment.

A name I...

I don't get called anything that I hate, there are definitely names that other people have that I think "wonder what in the world your parents were thinking..."  Kickass Cousin & I spent a significant amount of time while driving through Indiana listing boys names that we thought were "ew" & as fate would have it OK has one of those names so there's that...

I kinda love whenever OK calls me pretty girl or pretty lady

Something people say about me that I...

Know is entirely false: 
Quite honestly I give about 0 fucks when it comes to what others say about me so I don't really pay attention to anything negative said about me.

Think is on point: 
I'm funny.  I'm not even going to attempt to argue with that one.

A taste I...

Can’t stand: 

Can’t get enough of: 

A song I always...

turn off immediately:

Homegrown Honey - Darius Rucker

There are actually songs I like a lot less than this but off the top of my head the first thing that popped into my head was "homegrown honey honey honey blah blah blah money money money" stab me in the damn ear.

belt out the lyrics to: 

Springsteen - Eric Church

Animal I...



need in your life right this instant: 

Cow...for real...I'm pretty sure no one believes just how much I want some damn cows when I say it.


To enhance my looks I...

would love to, but would probably never resort to: 
The whole contouring thing...I already know I wouldn't have the patience/desire but for real how do y'all do it??

just stick to: 
The make up I sometimes wear?  I've never been one to really wear make up.  On the rare occasion that I do it's eye liner, mascara, eye shadow (usually brown), & maybe lipstick.  Mostly because I'm lazy but also because I don't feel like I need it.


  1. never ever ever settle! that's the killer of long term happiness.

  2. omg omg omg can I please steal this post idea. I absolutely love it. My favorite is that you owned that you are funny...I think I'm funny too and I'm going to own it when I post my post like this! LOVE IT

  3. Well into adulthood, I always lived near cows. ALWAYS. It wasn't until I joined the navy that I escaped the cows. Even in Raleigh, at college, the vet school had cows right down the street. I was pretty sure it was a plight of my life.