Tuesday, April 21, 2015

So True Tuesday

It's the truth though :)

That awkward moment when you're singing a song you used to sing a lot as a kid... AND you suddenly understand the lyrics.


Almost daily.


I always say "you don't say!" "and THEN what happened?" "he said WHAT?"  Makes kids and adults laugh and makes talking to little kids more fun

This is me for sure

this is so accurate

Some people I know don't understand this..

That's my playlist.


  1. omg the toilet paper one! i ALWAYS do that no matter where i am...i can't stand it when the roll goes under, not over! IT'S ALWAYS OVER!!

  2. I totally relate to the snapchat one and the sarcastic one. Seriously, there's nothing fun about pretty snapchat pix!

  3. haha the balloon one, so true. Spilling beer is the worst!

  4. I kinda want to run away today! Spilling beer is never good!

  5. Hahaha, I find myself saying, "Oh really?" to adults when I can't understand or really hear them!

  6. Adulting backwards, is totally accurate about me. Actually 99% of these are accurate about me except that snapchat one.. I don't snapchat... i'm afraid of stranger danger.. and by stranger danger I mean dick pics.