Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sh*t My Students Say Vol. 9

The softball girls are convinced that I need to be with the attractive football coach who sometimes drives our bus to games...
ALL of the players: Hiii Coach _____
Hot Coach: Hi girls...
Player: Hey Coach M! (that's me) Do you need a boyfriend?!

A kid couldn't keep his hands to himself so I put a cardboard box up to make his desk into a cubicle
Me: You're vandalizing my cubicle!
Student: I'm keeping track of the seconds that I'm stuck in this cubicle
M: Like prison...
S: Exactly...

It was a movie day due to the lack of students that show up the day before spring break starts & the day that we return from spring break & I was letting them pick from Disney movies on Netflix.
Male Student 2: YES!!!
Me: Alright, High School Musical it is.
MS2: Man remember the sing-along/dance-along version...good stuff.

While watching HSM
MS1: Miss!!  We only have 9 minutes left of class!!  Skip ahead to the last song!
**I skip ahead**
**MS1 & MS2 then go to the front of the room & not only sing but also DANCE along to We're All In This Together**

I have a video of this...which I can't post on here...but if you follow me on Instagram you can see a little clip of it ha.

A student was asking me where I was going to go when I left my job here
Student: Where have you applied?
Me: The closest one to here is _____
S: That's where the Mexicans are
For the record the student is Hispanic
M: I've also applied to districts in West Texas & North Texas
S: Maaaan that's country!  They got the KKK out there!

While playing jeopardy
Student: Oh man this one is easy!...what's the answer?


  1. Oh my gosh, I find it HILARIOUS that your students danced to HSM lol I remember when that was all the rage. Gosh, I'm old lol ;)

  2. They kill me. They are so honest and the boys give not mind to sounding weird. Love it.

  3. haha these are the funniest! I love your students and the fact that you made one a cubicle! also the jeopardy one ... I can't even!