Friday, March 27, 2015

All We Wanna Do Is Have Us A Good Time

Frank Foster - Gettin Right

According To The Phone
My JV girls finally tied.  It may not be a win but it's better than the losses they've had thus far.

Music Soulmate sent me this when I told her I needed to drink away a broken heart this weekend.  She could not be coming at a more perfect time.  I cannot wait to get her from the airport tonight.

Another friend sent me this & said "The second I saw this I thought instantly this person could be Bri's husband" that's how my friends see me ha...

Due to above mentioned heart break (which I'll write about later) this is how I spent my night last night & then went to bed at 8 pm


Get your shit together, Amelia.


Possibly the funniest thing I've ever seen... In my life... Permanently...

Best idea for a baby shower ever. Hahahahaha this just makes the nurse inside me die laughing

I like this kid

Lol @Sonja Pfeifer

The secret of periods…

why isn't this in my closet already?

Not the best restaurant in town…


  1. The period thing and the spermy-dude corn hole made my day. All the giggles.
    I'm already wearing my dislike face in preparation of hearing the heartbreak story.

  2. Ha! The Ameilia Bedilia one.. I used to love her!

  3. Sorry to hear about the heart ache. :( At least the girls finally tied, next up a win!

  4. One - the bad for liver friendship - golden!
    Two - the Amelia Bedelia funny cover - brilliant!
    Three - good luck with that heart-mending. That's a sucky time, but a time to learn, grow, and yes...drink.

  5. The grandparents "one little snack" totally cracked me up! That's how my mom is with my girls - lol. Have a great weekend!

  6. Love the friendships that are bad for your liver - except when you are trying to lose weight then it sucks! PS sorry about the heartache - I know how much that sucks monkey balls!