Monday, March 30, 2015

You Are Literally Like My Music Soul Mate

Both the JV & Varsity girls got 15 run ruled in the 3rd innings so the games were over fairly quickly.  TWO of the varsity girls got injured as well.  One before the game & one during.  At that point I was wondering if were going to have to call the game due to not having enough players.  If one more girl had to be out we would've been short.

After the game I headed home to shower quickly so I could pick Music Soul Mate up from the airport.  I impressed even myself by showering, changing, & doing my hair in 20 min.  While I waited in line for her at the airport I did my make up real quick so that we could head straight to the bar.  We danced the night away & acted like complete fools as we normally do when we're together not giving 2 fucks what other people think about us.  The night ended with breakfast at Denny's in which we continued to act a fool.  The best part?  Neither of us has to be drunk to have fun & just be ourselves.

Because we didn't get wasted waking up the next morning wasn't hard at all.  We bummed around for awhile in the morning & then got some Whataburger before heading down to Galveston to catch some sun at the beach.  It was so windy that we were still eating sand late into the night.  We laid out for probably an hour & a half before calling it quits & heading out to find some food.  We tried to eat in Galveston but it was so packed that there was an hour wait!  Thanks but no thanks!  We ended up just eating chips & drinking margaritas at Chuy's to tide us over for awhile.  Once home we got ready to go out dancing once again.

Before we got to the dance hall we went to Bar Louie for some appetizers since we hadn't really eaten that night.  We also ran into Art Teacher & a couple of her friends at both places but didn't really spend much time with them.  Neither of us really drank at all while we were there.  We each had a couple but spent most of the night just dancing with each other & chatting with random fun people.  We decided to call it quits a little before 1:30 so we could get the bomb ass barbacoa tacos they sell outside & get home & to bed since we had had a long day. 

She had to leave yesterday to head back to MN but didn't need to fly out until 5:30 so we slept in later before getting coffee & donuts for breakfast.  I took her to my favorite park so we could get some more sun in & just relax.  I took her to Goodson's Cafe before we headed off to the airport.  She wanted to get some BBQ before leaving but the first place we wanted to try had apparently completely closed down & the second was closed for the day.  We didn't have a ton of time to try to find a new place, eat, & get to the airport so Goodson's it was.  They were on Travel Channel for their chicken fried steak.  I've been there twice now & never had it.  She had it & really liked it.  I just got a stead which was really was the burger I had had there before back when I was with Mr. Fireman. 

After dropping her off at the airport I went home for a little bit & needed to go to the grocery store but I was not in a food mood whatsoever so since I wanted to go get a tattoo priced I went & did that instead.  I really had nothing else going on, & don't mind driving at all, but the fact that I had to drive an hour (seriously Houston...get your traffic together) to walk in & say "You'll be open this Friday right?"  "About how much would you charge me to get this done?" "Thanks, see you Friday" & then drive an hour back is slightly ridiculous.  I still wasn't in a cooking mood so I bought crap food to eat for this week.  The night ended with The Walking Dead season finale.  Now what am I going to do until October??


  1. What a fun weekend with your friend!! Love that you were able to sneak in some beach time!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. Your weekend sounds awesome! I love that you did the typical drunk Denny's trip without actually being drunk, I think it makes for a better time because you can really enjoy the night.
    That traffic sounds terrible, but at least they were open when you got there. :)
    Have a great week Bri!

  3. That seriously looks like such a fabulous weekend!!!!

  4. Sounds like an awesome weekend! So jealous of that beach picture!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  5. Sounds like a great weekend with music soul mate! Great friends are the best!

  6. Looks like a fantastic weekend! Good girlfriends can rejuevenate the soul.

  7. The slaughter rule is brutal, no one wants that, boo! Looks like you had a great time with your friend! Barbacoa tacos, yum!