Thursday, January 8, 2015

All I Need Is The Air I Breathe

Life According to Steph

The goal for December was "simplify"

My personal goals for this topic were:

1. Finish getting rid of all pins & boards on Pinterest I don't really need.
At one point in time I had over 7,000 pins & close to 30 boards.  I'm sure there are still more I could delete but as of right now I'm at 14 boards & just under 3,500 pins so I'd say I made that goal my bitch.

2. When I'm out with friends & family in MN stay off my phone.
I actually did really good at keeping my phone away while I was out with one Christmas party I didn't even get any pictures because I wasn't on my phone.

3. Unsubscribe from junk e-mail.
I unsubscribed from some of them as they came in but I also used unroll me to get rid of a lot of them.

4. Start getting rid of stuff I don't need when I move back to MN.
I didn't even try.  I'll get there at some point but I don't have a ton of boxes & it'll be months before my parents come to visit/take some of my stuff back anyway...

The goal for this month is "complete" - goals that that always get started but never get finished.

1.  Fitness
Fab-Abs January, a monthly workout calendar

2. Photo Challenge

January Goals
1. No using credit cards except for Dallas
2. Average 310,000 steps
3. #100HappyDays 1-31
4. Read 5 books
5. Send a card to someone
6. Save for 52 Week Money Challenge
7. Write daily in "6 words a day" journal
8. Work on 5 goals for 101 in 1001 2.0
9. Complete Fab Abs
10. Cancel gym membership


  1. You have so many fun challenges! I keep meaning to look into #100HappyDays, and then not doing it. (3,500 pins - holy crap! I can't even imagine having the patience to sift through thousands of images and decide which to keep. Good job!)

  2. Great goals! I always find the photo a day challenges difficult.

    I cleaned my pins out last year from like 5k to 2.5k. I'm pleased.

  3. Ha! Made that goal your bitch. That's good stuff.
    I love the idea of the #100happydays photo challenge being one of your goals... I totally suck at daily challenges. Great job on December! Happy January.

  4. Holy cow you DID own that pinterest goal! That's so much to have gone through, I'm impressed. Good luck in January - any idea which books you'll be reading?

  5. I can't believe you organized your pins like that that is sooo impressive! I used to love the photo a day challenges so I'll have to look into the #100happydays! Good luck with your January goals!!

  6. I love your goals - the steps though...amazing!! I need to get my steps up...i've been sitting too much! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  7. I had never heard of the 100 Happy Days Challenge. That is really awesome and I think, once a current challenge I am doing, I'll have to look into starting this sometime in February. Way too cool. I like it!

  8. Cleaning up my Pinterest would take an Army, congrats. The steps will be tough but you can do it.

  9. pinterest wasnt in my goal list but i got bored and totally culled the shit out of those boards - i have 15 now, i think i had 45 when i started. jeepers!

  10. I love the goals you have! I have 33 boards but I love them all and they are so neatly organized. I may consider getting rid of some but we'll see!

  11. While most people get gym memberships in January... you're getting rid of it!
    Looks like you're keeping fit in other ways. Good on ya!
    I left the gym and yoga when I came to Australia, you'd think I would remain active in some way.... nope (and I like cake, a lot!)
    Loving the idea of setting monthly goals too, and not just yearly. Makes it much more attainable.