Monday, December 8, 2014

A Not So Typical Friday

5 AM
My alarm went off to start my day & I headed to the closet to pick out some clothes & get myself ready for work.

 6 AM
Hi ho hi ho it's off to work I go...

 7 AM
I gathered all of the stuff that I would need for the day from my classroom since I had to bounce from room to room because mine was being used for testing.

 8 AM
For the first time this school year I kicked a student out of my room

 9 AM
Pay day = looking at tickets for music festivals.

 10 AM
Preparing grades since they are due on the 12th.

 11 AM
During my "break" I read more of my book while I guarded the hallway to make sure students weren't entering it because of testing.

 12 PM
Finally lunch time!

 1 PM
Walking around helping students out with their assignment.

 2 PM
Signing up for CPR class since the free one through my district got cancelled...

 3 PM
Making a grocery list & meal planning for the week

 4 PM
I took a little break to play some candy crush

 5 PM
I had to pick up a couple of things from the mall.

 6 PM
Grocery shopping!  Pretty sure I live at the grocery store...

 7 PM
CJ's flight didn't get in until nearly midnight so I started my meal prep for the week so that I'd still be up when he got home.

 8 PM
I don't care that I'm 26...I DVR Girl Meets World

 9 PM
My first meal for the week finished.  It's just brown rice & chicken.

 10 PM
I started working on training that I need for coaching softball next semester.

 11 PM
I took a break to catch up on some blogs.

 12 AM
My 2nd meal for the week finally finished.  It's tortellini & ground turkey.  Not long after CJ showed up & we crashed.

Saturday & Sunday weren't all that exciting.  

On Saturday CJ & I went grocery shopping (I told you I lived there) because he also wanted to get some stuff to make stuffed peppers.  Afterwards we did a little day drinking at a sports bar & I passed the eff out when we got home.  Then we just hung out & watched movies.  

On Sunday we made breakfast & watched Moneyball in the morning & then he watched the Texans play while I went in search of the dress I wanted for NYE.  It was sold out so I stopped at Target for mini cupcakes & Starbucks before heading back.  I got back just in time to watch the Vikings go into over time & win.  Then he made stuffed peppers before he headed back to his house.  When he left I did some laundry & then did more of my coaches training.


  1. haha I like girl meets world too. No judgment!

  2. Wowza - productive Friday to say the least!!

  3. Okay....what did the kid do to get kicked out? I hope it wasn't one of the funny ones!

  4. Woman! You are so productive. I'm impressed. And for a Friday? I'm more in survival mode but you're over here knocking things out. #getafterit


  5. yay girl meets world lol.
    man you are so busy and productive! i feel lazy in comparison lol

  6. dang girl that is a LONG day!!! I don't know how you do all that in one day...

  7. That looks like a long day but very productive at least!

  8. I just finished And the Mountains Echoed and it killllllllled me. I struggle with domestic violence and the images that Hosseini uses and I had nightmares, but I had to finish it.

    Also, your day was wayyy too long. Seriously. I would have never survived that.