Wednesday, July 2, 2014


**I hate the way that the water tastes in my house, because city water is disgusting.**

**I feel like Jimmy Fallon looks like he's jacking off in that gif & yet I decided not to change it**

**My old filter isn't attachable to my new sink so I bought a $1 pitcher, filled it up with water, a lemon, & 4 or 5 strawberries...I am addicted!**

**I'm gonna blame it on being tired but I definitely almost started crying when I had to return the truck & get my car back...had I not called my mom right away to talk I would have**

**I had a major break down when I got to my house after seeing Mr. & Mrs. Hipster for the last time for a long time & turning in my apartment keys.**

**Driving 1300 miles by myself is not as exciting as it once was**

**I started reading a book, that based on the back I thought was a Nicholas Sparks-ish book, that turned out to be...well essentially porn.**

**The above confession wouldn't bug me as much if I saw myself getting laid anytime within the next month & a half...but I don't.**

**I know it may seem dumb considering everything that has happened in the past year, & the fact that we aren't even together anymore, but Mr. Fireman is still an important part of my life & because how we grew up is SO different, everytime I've come home since we first met, I wish he could come too just to see where I'm from.  Where I'm from played a huge part of making me who I am & I guess I just want him to really see who I am.**

**There is a tiny part of me that hopes Little Miss Indiana doesn't find a new job in the next week so that she has to come back to Texas.**

**After harassing encouraging Kickass Cousin to start blogging again she finally obliged, after I had to set it up for her, but she obliged no less.  If you love me you need to click her name because I love her & if I remember correctly from freshman philosophy 194: If y'all love Bri & Bri loves Kickass Cousin that means y'all love Kickass Cousin.**


  1. Lmao at the porn book!

    And that Starsky & Hutch "Do It" is going to be stuck in my head now.

  2. hahahaha you read porn! like 50 shades sort of porn or legit porn?

  3. Fruit flavored water is the best substitute for not having a filter! We need to replace the one on our fridge and I've totally been doing that in the interim.

    I'm highly amused that you read porn. That's how I felt with the 50 Shades trilogy, though.

  4. Omw I had a similar situation with a book I bought as well... only aftr getting halfway through did I read reviews on how it would rival Fifty Shades.... Um, it didn't but it was definitely porno lol

  5. hahahaha what book is it, like is it 50 shades porn or what?

    I dont like city water either EW!

  6. I wouldn't have changed it either; We'll just keep laughing.

  7. Laughing at the porn book. Maybe a book on tape (ummm, I mean on phone?) would make the 1300 miles back a little more tolerable?

  8. That has so happened to me with books- they are tricky!!

  9. hahaha @ the porn book. i dont mind unless they're creepy kinds of books. bah. i get you on wanting him to see where you are from - my husband only just saw, obviously it's different, but it was so important for me to do that. its like 90% of who i am!

  10. Definitely gonna check out Kick Ass Cousin! (P.S. Just went to click on it and it says it doesn't exist! WHAT A TEASE!)

  11. haha porn book for the win!!! I hope Mr. Fireman gets to see where you are from one day though whether together or not!