Tuesday, May 6, 2014

More Than Just Co-Workers We're Friends

In the 2 years that I've worked at my school I've managed to make some great work friends.  Not only people that helped me through the day, but people to hang out with at night and on weekends.  These people became my family away from my family...my Texas family.

First up: Miss Chicago.  I actually met Miss Chicago when I was student teaching & she's the one who got me my job.  She bugged an AP enough to get me an interview which ultimately led to a job.  My first year we spent pretty much every weekend together...usually two-stepping.  She definitely became my best Texas friend.

LC & I became quick friends because we started teaching at the same time.  We endured first year trainings & meetings together.

Farm Girl:  I also met Farm Girl when I was student teaching but we didn't really become friends until the 2nd half of my 1st year of teaching.  We bonded over the fact that we were both from small northern towns & not all the girly.

Poopchat came with being friends with Farm Girl because they were together all the time.  We had met once while I was student teaching but I didn't recall that meeting until we actually started hanging out & it was brought to my attention.

Favorite Student Teacher: **First of all...after reviewing this post...I'm reminded of Amanda's post about having a side.  I definitely have one.  Of course it doesn't help that I was drinking & had been crying at one point**  Anyway... FST & I instantly clicked.  She did part of her student teaching for my department head.  Our bonding was definitely aided by the fact that I wound up picking her up & dropping her off everyday since she didn't have a car.

Much like Poopchat, Art Teacher came with being friends with Farm Girl.  Our friendship grew quickly because as it would turn out we lived only a few blocks from each other my first year.  We spent many week nights watching Netflix & drinking.

JBell & I became friends because we also started teaching at the same time.  The first time we met LC & I actually thought she was a student.  We walked into the school & were looking for a certain room & she was already walking around the front with her younger sister so we asked her where it was.  Turns out she had gone to HS there but had graduated 4 years prior.  Poor JBell.  We also had the same lunch period our first year so we spent lunch together everyday on top of ridiculous first year meetings.

Mr & Mrs. Hipster: The two that this post was originally meant for before I decided to share all of my work friends.  I don't actually work with Mrs. Hipster, she works elsewhere in the district.  However seeing as it's Mr & Mrs. Hipster it was sort of a BOGO friend deal.  I've talked about them plenty on my blog.  They are without a doubt my favorite people & best friends in Texas.  Mr. Hipster & I also started teaching at the same time...in the same department.  We had always talked because of this & we definitely became good friends our first year.  However, after discussing this the other day neither of us really knows when we actually became work best friends.

The idea for this post came last Thursday actually when Mr. Hipster called me on the way home from work letting me know that Mrs. Hipster had gotten the job that she had interviewed for the day before...in Dallas.  I honestly could not be happier for her/them.  She is such an amazing person & an excellent teacher.  She deserves to work in a top district.  Also, he originally being from Dallas that was always their end goal.

On the flip side, I couldn't help almost breaking down into tears when I called my cousin telling her I didn't want to have to make a new work best friend.  And THAT is where this post is going.  All of those awesome friends up there that I've made?  They are either gone or leaving.

Miss Chicago: After my 1st year she went back to Chicago
LC: Moved back to her hometown & eventually started a new job at the beginning of our 2nd year due to personal reasons.
Farm Girl: Moved back to Iowa after my 1st year.
Poopchat: Moved to Florida after my 1st year.
Favorite Student Teacher: went back to Indiana part way through her student teaching my 2nd year.
Art Teacher: She's still here...but she had a promising job interview in another district & instead of living a few blocks away from me she currently lives 45-60 min away from me so we really only see each other at work as it is right now.
JBell: She switched schools within the district but because life happens & we don't really have a ton in common we get together less than once a month for supper.
Mr & Mrs. Hipster: well like I said above...they're moving to Dallas (which unlike with Art Teacher & JBell with a litle planning & effort it wouldn't be impossible to get together at least once a month) they will be 3-4 hours away.

Will I make new/more friends?  Certainly.  After graduating college though & moving 1300 miles away from everyone I knew, I had kind of hoped that when I made an awesome new group of friends it would sort of stick for awhile & I wouldn't have to start all over again in the friend finding...


  1. Yeah thanks so much for the shout out!!! What a sweet post I love getting to know you and your friends like that!

  2. Work friends are the best! You spend so much time with with them, the days would drag if you weren't friends!

  3. This is so great to read, because as you know I'm probably moving away!! Scary! Thank you, girlie!

  4. I absolutely LOVE my co-workers. Without them, I honestly don't know how I'd make it through the day sometimes!!! haha

  5. Friends are so hard to make but it sounds like you're great at it! Even though I'm an adult, it's still weird to imagine all the teachers hanging out and being friends outside of school!