Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Goals

Actually JT it is May...but any excuse to use "It's gonna be May" 2 days in a row...

1. Squat Challenge

Although, Dear whoever made this: May had 31 days...

2. #FMSPhotoADay
May Photo A Day list 2014
I've actually managed to keep it up so far in 2014.  My IG is briannemcc it's private because I teach seniors but I'l accept you if you request to follow me.

3. Wallet Watch

I'm definitely not going for a "no spend" month but I am going to try to spend less.  My bank account took a major hit in April having to entertain people for 2 weeks straight.  I already have a few things planned that are not normal purchases but the eating out all the time & buying stupid random things is going to come to a serious slow down.

4. Using my nice camera moreScavenger Hunt Sunday
I don't have a super fancy camera or anything but I do have a fairly nice one with manual settings.  It started being tempermental about 2 years ago & then I just stopped even trying.  However, it apparently works again (maybe it just needed a break).  I'd like to start using it again & get better at taking pictures with it.  I'm pretty sure that Scavenger Hunt Sunday was the first link-up I ever joined as a blogger & that's how I'm going to force myself to use my camera more.  Go ahead & click the icon...check out Ashley's blog & the link-up.

5. Drink More Water
I was doing so good for a few weeks (drinking at least a gallon a day) but then I started slacking again.  I need to get back into drinking more.  I've been interested in trying out some detox water recipes (maybe flavored will help me drink ya benefits)  So I'm going to try to drink at least one glass of detox water in the morning & one before I go to bed...along with my regular water throughout the day.

6. Finish Breaking Bad on Netflix

I'm somewhere at the end of season 3 still...the whole avoiding a life to save money should help.

7. Get better blog content.

I'll be the first to admit that more often than not...this shit I make you read sucks (there used to be more substance at one point I promise)


  1. Just signed up to follow you on Instagram---super excited especially since we're doing the same photo challenge on there!

  2. You have to finish breaking bad!!

    Also, I found these awesome water bottles on Amazon that have little thingy (super descriptive, I know) in the middle and you can put fruits in it then it defuses out into your water.

  3. I use a Target glass water bottle, drink 20 ounces on the way in, 20 ounces when I get here, and 40 more ounces before noon, then I relax and drink as I want. But I definitely do it consciously in the morning and I feel a lot better.

  4. Zac Efron gifs are pretty good content in my book. ;)

  5. just put a gif of zac in each post and you're good! that squat challenge looks fun, i might give it a try! i guess day 31 is a rest day? lol. i am going to try and be much better in may with my spending, though i already maybe bought a dress already and its only the 1st. LOL