Monday, April 7, 2014

A Relaxing Yet Productive Weekend

Friday really wasn't all that exciting for me.  I kicked off what I thought was going to be a completely lazy, lay in bed all day errday, watching Netflix.  I cleaned out my DVR (there was only an episode of Nashville on it) & then dove right into some more Dawson's Creek.  I finally made it to season 5 which means that I have just under 2 season to watch before I'm done with all of it.  

More exciting entertaining than my Netflix binge is that I got yelled at by yet another mother concerning her daughter's prom dress.  This one was through email.  I work at a school where girls have to get their prom dress approved.  Lucky me gets to be the one who has to say yes or no & why.  I have another teacher & an assistant principal who I can go to if I have any questions (& the AP has final say if there are questions) but I'm the original heartbreaker.  The girls are told: no cleavage, no low backs (as in if you have a tramp stamp & it can be seen it's too low), no exposed midsection, it must be longer than your finger tips (slits included) & that it's probably a smart idea to get that dress approved before you buy it because sorry honey but if you pay for a dress before getting it approved there is a chance you will have wasted your money.  They are also told that THEY have to be in the picture, not their friend/cousin/model, because dresses look different on everyone.  So a girl's dress got denied a while back & now she sent in 3 more (all pictures of models) one got a straight up denied due to a slit straight up the side & the model's boobs were poppin out.  The other 2 I said that no dress could be approved without the student in it.  I got a very nasty email back from the mother...  Please stop living through your daughter.  Please follow the rules.  Please don't let your teenage daughter out of the house dressed like a Vegas call girl.  There are rules for a reason...

My lazy weekend ended by 8:30 in the morning.  As much as I had wanted a lazy weekend for so long instead I felt the need to be least it was at a relaxing pace.  I woke up & went for a 2 mile walk which was a HUGE mistake.  #DeathByPollen.

I tried to get some shopping done at Forever 21 but they didn't have the one top that I was looking for & I was apparently having an ugly day cause nothing looked right.  I did manage to buy a couple of new tops at Kohls though.  (I'm getting ready for summer/WeFest already)  I went to dinner with Little Miss Indiana & then later we went out two-stepping.  It was a lot of fun & great to just get out.

I managed to stay in bed until closer to 11 because I may have been was hungover.  I made up for it quickly though.  I got my grocery shopping done, did my meal prep for the week, did all of my laundry, cleaned the bathroom, & swept the rest of my apartment.  A little before 5 I finally settled into the lazy weekend that I planned all along to watch some Netflix in bed on freshly washed sheets.


  1. I SO do not envy you for having to be the one that is stuck making the dress decisions. And for real, a mom should be all about wanting her kid not to have boobs popping out and slits up to t here. Come on, lady!

  2. omg i can't even imagine staying in bed until 11am. to this old hag body of mine, "sleeping in" is sleeping until 6am. not kidding about that either. #lame

    Vodka and Soda

  3. You poor thing, I know how few parents think the rules apply to them and their kids. Good luck!!

  4. I will never understand those moms who live through their daughters. Being a teenage girl was hard enough the first time, why do it again?

    AJ's wHooligan in the A-Z Challenge

  5. I'm not a prude in any way, but some of the prom dresses I see on girls are ridiculous! I'm thankful I came in to my Step Daughter's life when she was hitting college. Prom dress shopping sounds like a day(s) from Haiti!

  6. Ughh I used to work run high school programs and those kinds of parents were the. worst. WORST! Stay strong girl!

  7. Oh my gosh!!! Proms are getting INSANE!! My mom and I were actually shopping for her Mother of the Bride dress for my wedding like a month back, and there were a couple of girls trying on dresses. Since when are prom dresses short and skimpy?!?

  8. Girl.. I went to a high school that we had to have our "banquet" dresses (no prom, dancing is "sinful"). We had to have the straps at least 3 fingers wide and it couldn't be lower than what a normal bra would cover, and the given of no cleavage, no cupping the butt, and no slits above the kneecap! Talk about strict!