Monday, April 21, 2014

3 Day Weekends Are The Best

R is for Recap

Linking up with Bella for Weekend Recap.

We hit up Sonic for some breakfast before heading back to my apartment to nap until noon.  After a much needed nap we packed up my car & headed to Austin.  We got to our slightly sketchy hotel (although definitely not the worst I've stayed in while in Austin) & instantly googled where to get the best BBQ in Austin (#1 JMueller was in a trailer somewhere that I didn't feel like finding, #2 Franklin BBQ wasn't open yet, so we went for #3 Stiles Switch BBQ & Brew).  Y'all it was so so good.  I can't even imagine what #1 & #2 were like.  (Also, the super pretty cashier made my day when I got up there to pay & told me that she & another co-worker were talking about how pretty I was.)  It's located in the building that was used as The Emporium for those of you that have seen Dazed & Confused, which made my day because 2 years earlier I had gone on a self-run Dazed & Confused tour of Austin with some friends.  After lunch/supper we walked around the UT campus for a little while before heading back to the hotel to get ready.  We decided to pre-game at the hotel so that we wouldn't have to spend so much $$ when we got to 6th Street.  We invited our neighbors over to play some card games with us until our cab showed up.  In order to keep some dignity intact I will not recap 6th Street for y'all.  Just know that we all had a great time & made it back to the hotel safely.

We got up WAY too early.  I can't sleep in at all after I've been drinking.  Plus, I was starving because even though we had talked about ordering pizza on the way back to the hotel we all instantly passed out as soon as the cab dropped us off.  We hadn't eaten since our early supper the day before.  We went to Waffle House because TK had never been there before & awhile back while on Buzzfeed (shocking right?) I saw an article on the most popular Waffle Houses in America & #7 was located in Austin so we obviously had to go.  After breakfast it was off to San Antonio.  TK's brother is in the Air Force & lives in San Antonio so we spent the day with him & his family.  Luckily we got to just sit around their house for awhile before heading out becaus we were all exhausted.  Just relaxing on the couch felt amazing.  After hanging around the house for awhile we all went to the River Walk for lunch.  We went to Dick's Last Resort.  I had never been there before.  Maybe because it was lunch time but they weren't as cruel as I had heard.  In fact, besides giving us paper hats with crude sayings (mine may or may not have said something along the lines of my "cat" being beat up) our waiter was pretty much a normal waiter.  When we were done her brother's wife & 2 little kids headed back to the house while the 4 of us stayed at the River Walk.  We wound up at Coyote Ugly's for quite awhile just hanging out & drinking outside.  Our original plan was to head back to Houston that night but we wound up staying at her brother's house so that we could go to Cowboys (a really big dancehall).

The plan for Sunday all along had been to go to Cadillac Bar in Houston for a Bloody Mary bar/brunch.  Brunch started at 10 am & we were still 3 hours away which means we woke up at 7 am to head back to Houston.  Keep in mind that we had stayed at the bar until 2 am the night before & then still stayed up for a little while talking to TK's brother & watching TV.  We actually made pretty good time getting back to my apartment & took turns resting & showering before heading downtown.  It turns out however that Cadillac Bar is a really popular option.  Not only was it crazy busy but Easter brunch was $27/person.  Eff that noise.  I looked on Yelp for more places that would have a good Bloody Mary & found this really cool looking place (that I don't even remember the name of).  We got there & there was an hour wait!  Aren't people supposed to be with their familes on Easter?!  I know before I moved down here, 1300 miles away from any relative, we were ALL (aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents) together pretty much all day on Easter.  At this point we are tired, starving, & getting crabby.  The following came out of my mouth "we are trying one more place before I say screw this & we're getting McDonalds!!"  Luckily, it never came to McDonalds.  We found a place (right next to a McDonald's actually lol) & had lunch there.  It was really good but really filling.  TK had also never seen the ocean so after lunch we headed down to Galveston for awhile.  I defiitely passed out for awhile on the beach.  Since we had had such an action packed weekend & I had to work the next day we decided to just order pizza & watch The Big Bang Theory before all going to bed fairly early.

***and now I'm struggling to keep it together & act like a functioning human being at work***


  1. Ahhh what a fun weekend! Isn't trying to be human again the WORST!

  2. OMG what a fun weekend!! I would be so tired too. haha.

  3. I would do anything for a Waffle House near me... seriously. The closest one is at least 4 hours away driving... stupid New England. HOWEVER we did just discover a Chick Fil A only an hour from us, so we've definitely gone up there for breakfast a couple of times.

  4. You definitely did it up! I'm glad you got to the ocean and at least got a little nap there!