Friday, March 7, 2014

Your College Friends Become Kind Of Family

1. In my first week of 1/2 marathon training I walked/ran 9 miles & burned just over 1600 calories doing so.

2. Talking to Mr. Fireman on Wednesday made me decide to live my life differently.

3. After 9 months of talking about it, we finally remembered on a day that they were open to try out a restaurant near me.  It was delicious & filling.

4. After this day is over it is FINALLY Spring Break!

1. Back in January we got a snow day...for approximately no snow.  Tuesday morning my car was covered in a sheet of ice & it was freezing rain the entire way in...that apparently didn't warrant even a delay.

2. I decided less than 2 full weeks into my half marathon training that I'm bored with treadmills & my normal road running.  Thanks to Kathy's suggestion I'll be searching for some trails very shortly.

Friday Five
My favorite ginger gets in at 10:30 tonight so here are 5 things we plan on doing while she's here.

1. Houston Rodeo

2. REO Speedwagon Concert

3. I'm going to take her out two stepping/line dancing for the first time.

4. Drinking

5. Honestly, no clue...I was hoping beach or pool or even horse back riding or something but apparently it's supposed to be rainy & chilly most of the time.

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