Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Day In The Life of Me

I didn't want to do a quote since that's what I'm leaving you with on Saturday while I'm at an interview & I didn't feel like a Buzzfeed article either so I thought "Hey! Why not do pictures of my day for the whole 8 am I regretted this decision.  My life is lame y'all.  Especially on a Wednesday during midterms...but here it is anyway...a day in my mundane life hour by hour.

6 am
I locked up my apartment & headed to work...where I spent the next 30-40 minutes in traffic (I don't even live 20 miles away y'all... I will never accept city traffic...)

7 am
The bell rings at 7 am & the students have until 7:10 (when class starts) to get to class.  I was trying not to fall asleep at my desk at this point.

8 am
This was actually pretty much what my entire day consisted of but pictures of scantrons wouldn't be very exciting now would it.  My B Day kids took their midterms today & I had to bubble in the scores for their short answers when they were done.  This overachiever didn't want to do any short answers apparently...0's for you my dear!

9 am
Just bubbling in short answer scores doesn't take very long & I have to wait for each class to finish so around 9 I decided it was time for me to start catching up on blogs for the day.  I still wish the district would make this easier for me & unblock bloglovin... it didn't used to be blocked & now I have to go to each blog individually.  (For the record if you're reading this author of Please & Carrots I can't access your blog directly because I don't "follow" you although I do through bloglovin so sorry that I probably haven't commented/read in forever...thank my district)

10 am
My 2nd period class isn't done until 10:15 & at this point I had already drank my coffee & over half of my giant water bottle.  I had to pee SO. DAMN. BAD!  Buuut because my kids were taking a test & there was no adult in the room I couldn't very well just leave them alone to go pee.  Longest 15+ minutes of my life.

11 am
I'm supposed to have 3rd period (which is actually half the length of a regular period) off but because I had so many kids not finish their test from the day before & that morning I had kids come in to finish their tests.  So instead of starving I ate my mid morning snack in front of them cause well it's my classroom & I do what I want ha.

12 pm
I can't really interact with my students while they're taking a test other than to say "WAKE UP!"  "WHY IN THE WORLD ARE YOU LOOKING OVER THERE?!"  "DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT TALKING TO SO & SO!" "YOU MOVE UP HERE OR TAKE A 0" (unfortunately I can't actually just fail kids for talking or sleeping because well that would be most of my kids & the district just doesn't allow many kids to fail) I decided to look at boots that I can't afford nor do I need since I just got a pair a month ago.

1 pm
Finally lunch time!  I have become a master of walking down to the lounge, waiting in line for the microwave, walking back up to my room, & scarfing down my lunch in under 30 minutes.

2 pm
I had to go to a meeting on state testing.  Thankfully I teach seniors so I have yet to ever have to proctor a state test in the 2 years I've been teaching.  Instead I always get to hang out with kids either having them work on stuff or watch movies.

3 pm
That bell rang & I was OUT that door.  I had naps to take & a mess in my apartment to take care of.

4 pm
There is a ton of construction on my way home which combined with your normal rush hour traffic & rain makes for quite the enjoyable drive home.  I may or may not have road rage...

5 pm
After a short 30 minute nap I decided it was time to finally take care of the mess of clothes that had taken over my living room.  That futon has been like that since my friend left...on the 11th...I told you I was in a fuck it mood lately.

6 pm
After putting some clothes in the wash machine I decided I deserved a break & started cleaning out my work bag & made some supper.

7 pm
Finally clean!  (The stuff on the left is set aside so I don't forget to bring it with me to Dallas)  I also learned that my futon is broken sooo that's awesome.  Good thing I don't have a TV in my living room anymore cause not sure how safe it is to sit on.

8 pm
I finally worked on balancing my checking account from the past week or so.  Good thing I still have some money in there since it's my turn to drive/pay for gas up to Dallas this weekend.

9 pm
I got myself ready for bed, published this post, & tucked myself into bed...most likely to still play on my phone for awhile before actually passing out...

**I'm sorry that I'm so lame y'all ha.  I promise you IF (& as of right now that's a BIIIIG if) I ever do this again I'll make sure it's on a day when I do something exciting with my time ha**


  1. Test days sound like the worst, ick! But kind of cool that you have some down time to shop and blog?

  2. I love a day in the life posts, even when the person thinks they're boring.