Friday, March 28, 2014

27 Weeks Down 9 To Go

1. While I haven't particularly loved these last couple seasons I was relieved to find out that this week wasn't the last episode of HIMYM but next week is.

2. I'm going to another interview at a job fair Saturday morning & the district just posted an actual social studies position!

3. Approximately 1/3 of my kids were absent during their Tue/Wed midterms which means that's what they had to do on Thur/Fri.  That meant that while they had to take the test with my co-teacher the rest of us got to sit in my classroom & watch a movie.

4. This week FLEW by & I am a okay with that.

1. There is an insane amount of pollen & it is making my allergies flare up like crazy.

2. My body cannot decide if it's hungry or not...some days I'm starving all day long...other days I go to make food because it's meal time & my body is just like no...we are too full for food even if I haven't really eaten.

3. It doesn't matter that I've been going to bed at a fairly normal time & doing my usual stay in bed an extra 5-10 minutes after my alarm goes off I am still so exhausted when I get up.  I've also been having the craziest & most intense dreams lately.

4. Occasionally, for various reasons, we will watch movies in class (see #3 above why we are this week) & my kids get whiny.  Seriously they are never happy.  We aren't even watching a documentary...they are legit hollywood films but they whine because it's not what they want to watch.  Listen children, you're lucky we're even watching a movie...

Friday Five
Should I ever get a new job, here are 5 things I would like to do upon exiting my current job:


  1. hahahahah the andy dance in the elevator is awesome. good luck on the interviews!!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. hahah love your use of gifs :)

  3. Movie day is the best day ever in class no matter what it was! I'm telling you the kids nowadays..... I sound old when I say things like that ;-)

  4. Bahahahaah... I'm dying about the gifs of what you would do if you left your job!
    Kids are assholes. I could never teach. hahaha :)

  5. Good luck finding a better position! When I sub I have to turn on Caillou during rest time for the kids and they hate it. They always beg me to watch a movie!