Friday, February 28, 2014

The Month I Thought Would Never End

For starters, I have whined about this month enough for y'all to know how happy I am that today is the last day.  Granted, it wasn't all bad.  There were definitely some fun things that happened like my parents coming & getting to go see my friend Robyn.  Overall though, between the lack of Mr. Fireman in my life, my car, & just general stress I'm so ready for March.

Without further ado, this week's happies, crappies, & Friday Five

1. I started training for a half marathon on Monday (well technically Tuesday because Mondays are a rest day...who starts a training program on a rest day?  Wasn't every day you weren't running before you started your rest day??) Anyway...not because I have an intention of actually signing up for a half anytime soon (or ever) I just want to be able to run 13 miles...

2. Mr. Fireman came over after he was done with work to hang out & take care of my spider issue.  In case you don't remember you can see said spider here.  Apparently the spider had killed itself but he still disposed of it for me.  We caught up on The Walking Dead & then just laid in bed talking, catching up on the week & swapping old camping stories.

3. I made the most bomb meal to eat this week...super excited to eat it every day (no sarcasm here)

4. I got to wear jeans TWICE to work this week.

5. I went to my first kickball game of the season.  We lost but it was still a lot of fun.
(Sidenote: I totally miss this show...)

6. SAT Testing for the juniors all day Wednesday meant movie day for the total of 14 seniors I had show up all day.

7. Happy Hour.

1. I woke up in a piss poor mood on Monday.  Once I got to work it only got worse rather than better.  Even my kids annoyed me.

2. I think I'm coming to a crossroads with a friend.  It's at the point where her decisions in life annoy me to no end.

3. I woke up in the middle of the night with an intense Charlie Horse in my left calf.  It was so bad that I woke up from a dream screaming in pain but it took me a few seconds to even register what woke me up.

4. I got "in trouble" for having a National Guard recruiter come talk to my classes on Thursday because I apparently didn't fill out a request form.  That's the 4th time I've had a military one has ever mentioned this paperwork to me...

Friday Five
Tomorrow marks the first day of March so here's 5 things that I'm looking forward to.

1. My favorite ginger is coming to visit me.

2. Rodeo Houston
I'm for sure going to see REO Speedwagon w/my favorite ginger but would also like to go with Mr. Fireman...preferably to Jake Owen or Keith Urban.  (The man needs his work schedule first...)

3. Spring Break

4. One of my roommates from student teaching is possibly coming to visit me.

5. *Hopefully* getting to spend more time w/Mr. Fireman than I got to in February (here's his blog reveal)
-His face just makes me smile...

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  1. OMG REO SPEEDWAGON!! that was my ultimate moping song in grade 9 meaning, i would blast that shit, mope around in my room about some dumb boy who was giving me teenage love angst. hahahah!

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda