Monday, February 24, 2014

Let's Rodeo San Antonio

-After work I drove the 3 hours to San Antonio to visit my friend.  We didn't really do a whole lot when I got there.  We made spaghetti for supper & watched The Sandlot.

-We went to lunch at Applebees & then walked around the mall for awhile before heading home to relax & take a nap before we got ready to head out for the rodeo.  Both my camera & my phone died while there so I don't have a ton of pictures but it was still a really good time.  We walked around the carnival part for awhile & then went inside for the rodeo.  Billy Currington performed afterwards.

-I left San Antonio around noon because I still had stuff to get done around my apartment before the week started.  I made a list to go grocery shopping & saw this guy.  I text Mr. Fireman this picture & told him to help me.  His sister & brother-in-law are in town so all he did was text back to basically make fun of my saying how "ginormous" it was.  (For the record, as I type this the spider is still there 3 hours later.  That cup is not moving until either a) the spider kills itself b) Mr. Fireman comes to kill it of c) he uses his super spidey strength to get out...Lord help me if c happens.
-I made my food for the week & sat around catching up on blogs waiting to see if Mr. Fireman & I would get to hang out or not for The Walking weak moment followed...

So while talking to Mr. Fireman on Saturday he told me that he might have to take a raincheck on TWD because his sister/BIL were staying at his house... I may have cried.  Not full blown cried but my eyes may have leaked a little.  Had I not been lying on my friend's couch there is no doubt in my mind I would have full blown cried.  I asked how long she was staying & he said she would probably be leaving around 6 on Sunday.  So in my mind I'm thinking no biggie cause TWD is on at 8 I'll just head over later than normal.  I text him a little before 7 to see if we were going to have to wait (thinking if we did it could be Monday after work) or if I could head over around 7:30-8... apparently his BIL is going to be staying for a few days.  So not only do I not get to see him guess is it won't be until next weekend due to the fact that our schedules are still so off.  So what's the weak moment...I'm now crying again.  
Partly due to the fact that period is next week & partly due to the fact that I just miss his face.  We haven't seen each other since last Monday & now it'll probably be Friday at the earliest.  I've said it a dozen times but I'm so ready for the stupid month to be over & hopefully have less hectic schedules in March.

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  1. HAHAHAHA I am totally guilty of throwing a bowl over a spider before! I just cannot do anything with creepy crawly legs!! EEK!