Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Exploring Hill Country

So here it is.  The post that I had planned on writing awhile back about the weekend I spent in Hill Country with my parents (2/15-2/17)

I'll spare you the pictures of my food because I already shared some of them on a weekend recap.  We left my apartment Saturday morning & headed for San Marcos.  We were too early to check into the hotel so we headed out to a little bar for lunch.  The atmosphere was cool & the beer was good but the food was less than desirable.  (Except for the fried pickles...those are always delicious.)  After lunch we headed back to the hotel to drop stuff off & relax a little before heading off on a hike. 

We went to a place nearby called Purgatory Park.  So, I grew up Catholic & for those of you that don't know what purgatory is...it's the place between heaven & hell essentially.  After you die if you aren't sent straight to heaven or hell you go to purgatory.  "Purgatory is the state of those who die in God’s friendship, assured of their eternal salvation, but who still have need of purification to enter into the happiness of heaven."  Long story short I kept pondering why it was called Purgatory Park...

We wound up doing some accidental geocaching...which yay for me cause it was on my bucket list!  Unfortunately I didn't have anything to write with or on so I couldn't leave my own note behind.

I found an almost perfect climbing tree.  My dad had to give me a little boost up & the unwarranted fear of there for some reason being creepy as snakes hanging around up there prevented me from going any further than where you see me in this picture.

After our hike we headed back to the hotel for a little big again to get ready to go out to supper.  We headed to Black's BBQ which is the oldest family owned BBQ joint in Texas.  The brisket was A-MA-ZING!  The rest was pretty darn good too but OMG the brisket...

Sunday morning we ate breakfast at the hotel before making our plan for the day.  First on the list was to go check out "The Cave Without A Name".  The last time I actually toured a cave was the summer between 3rd & 4th grade I believe when I was in South Dakota.  The cave was so beautiful.

 I couldn't get a good picture of any of them but there were also little furry bats in some parts of the cave.  Right after this picture was taken my dad thought it'd be funny to keep making motions towards the tour guide in a "hey how about that guy..." kind of way.  The kid was probably around my baby brother's age & reminded me exactly of one of my brother's old friends...right down to looks & personality.  (Thanks but not thanks I'll stick with Mr. Fireman)

 After the cave we headed off to Cracker Barrel for lunch & then made our way to Enchanted Rock (also on my bucket list...well my Texas bucket list).  The view was so amazing.  Pictures don't do it justice.  It was so calm & peaceful up there.  I could have laid up there forever...we did sit up there for a couple hours.  It was after that when I text Mr. Fireman & told him we had to go camping.

 I so wish that I could take credit for this picture.  Unfortunately I cannot.  At a certain point on Enchanted Rock it gets really steep & smooth.  I have a slightly irrational fear of heights...being up where I was didn't bother me because it was a fairly easy climb.  Really, it's not up that bothers me it's getting down.  So, because there was no real easy way to get up/down the rest of the way my mom & I hung out where we were at & my fearless father kept on going & took some pictures for us.

Monday morning we woke up, ate breakfast at the hotel, & then checked out.  Before heading back to my apartment we made a stop at Cavenders where I got yet another pair of boots.  Excellent weekend in my book


  1. I think I have been to Black's but if not my husband has - it is definitely on the Texas Monthly Top 50 BBQ places list so excellent choice!

    I have never been to Enchanted Rock! I am not very outdoorsy but I have seen so many pretty pics that I want to check it out some time we go up that way.... in between my usual wine tasting and BBQ eating, of course!

  2. So I came over here to comment on your confessions post but then scrolled too far and saw this- I was here over the weekend!!! Loved Texas!