Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I'm That Girl

I noticed a link-up that I really wanted to participate in & it sort of fit in with Kathy's link-up of Humpday Confessions.  I was originally going to start sharing my Hill Country Adventures with you but that's going to get put off again... #SorryNotSorry

I'm the kinda girl who...

-Will judge a restaurant based on how their ranch dressing tastes.

-Would live in cowboy boots if it was acceptable.

-Isn't afraid to get down & dirty with the boys...

-...but loves putting on dresses (with boots of course).

-Cries over TV shows, movies, commercials, etc like no other...

-...but rarely over things that should actually make me cry.

-Thinks crying makes one weak & will only cry in front of a handful of people (Mama, Daddy, Baby Bro, & Mr. Fireman)

-Despite owning multiple dresses now, refused to put a dress on pretty much until some point in college.

-Rarely ever wears make-up & didn't start doing so "regularly" (aka weekends/special events) until probably 23/24.

-Thought she was destined for city life until actually moving out of the country.

-Hates wine (*gasp*) & prefers beer & whiskey.

-Is loyal like no other.

-Gives too much of herself at times & will do anything for someone she cares about.

-Won't take shit from anyone & expresses herself freely.

-Doesn't really care what others think.

-Who prefers being outside.

-Hates shopping & wishes cute clothes would just appear (preferably for free)

-Has crazy wanderlust

-Has FOMO not so much when it comes to hanging out w/people but on doing/seeing things on a larger more worldly scale.

-Would kick anyone's ass at "Name That Tune"

-Is equal parts introvert & extrovert (does that make me just a vert?)

-Has a weird sense of humor.

-Is sarcastic.

-Swears far too much (especially F**k)

-Sometimes runs away when life doesn't seem to be going the way she planned.

-Plans her life too much.

-Loves lists...especially checking things off of them.


  1. Ohhh Im a name that tune girl too, as well as hearing someones voice and knowing who it is (like actors who talk on cartoons) and FUCK is part of my daily lingo

    1. It really is too bad that the show ended before I was even born because that's probably the only chance I ever had at winning $100K.

  2. Lists are the BEST! Seriously! And I never wore a single dress till I became an adult. :)

    1. One of my professors in college hit the nail on the head when she was like "if I buy/do something that's not on my list I add it so I can cross it off." That was the moment I knew I'd love her class lol.

  3. I'm with you on a lot of these things but i would totally stink at Name That Tune!

    1. One of my friends used to always accuse me of being a jukebox. She would always make comments like "you literally know every song that comes on the radio!"