Monday, January 6, 2014

The First Weekend of the New Year

-Flew back to Texas from Minnesota (I really wish all flights had a little map showing you where you were in the world during the flight...I had that once on an international flight & it was awesome.)
-Went out for pizza with Mr. Fireman & then watched more Breaking Bad & played some Phase 10 (I finally whooped his ass!)
-Went to go see Granger Smith with my Art Teacher friend.

**Let's just say Saturday wasn't exactly my day**
-I went to pay my bills online & my internet and cable were out...they were supposed to be back on by noon.
-I went to the gym since I was going to anyway & thought I'd kill time.  My iPod had apparently died...worst 30 min on the treadmill ever.
-After the gym I went to Target...which was actually awesome cause I bought a Magic Bullet & the Thomas Rhett CD.
-I got back home around 2ish & still no internet I showered & headed off to Starbucks to use their free internet.
-I sat at Starbucks for a good 2-3 hours paying bills & killing time because I had nothing to do at my apartment & no one to hang out with...I got a call at 5:30 saying it was back on so I went to the grocery store to buy food for the next week or 2.
-See that awesome picture up there...yeah it burnt before the timer even went off.  I almost pulled it out early but there's chicken in there & some of it wasn't fully cooked when I put it in the pan & I'm so paranoid about chicken.  On the bright side it's still delicious.
-My dishwasher started leaking...Monday will be the soonest it's fixed...
-I went to hang out with my friends Mr. & Mrs. Hipster for some drinking & games (Mr. Fireman declined...although respectfully...literally he said I'm going to respectfully decline...because he had other plans.  I was slightly bummed by this.  However, we had just spent 6+ hours together on Friday)

-Made some lasagna soup in the crockpot
-Found out that not only has my MN bank card been suspended thanks to Target, so has my Texas bank card, and then come to find out today my payment hasn't gone through to my credit card so I have 0 funds until the payment goes through or I get my new pin #.  Thank God I got groceries & gas yesterday or I would be royally screwed.
-After I found out my credit card is also being declined (despite the fact that I do actually have money to my name) I decided to spend the rest of the day at home watching Friday Night Lights on Netflix.


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    1. Hope your week gets better! That lasagna soup looks fabulous!
      Thanks for linking up!
      Lisa @ Showered With Design

  2. Oh no! I'm so sorry!! Although the food looks delicious!!

  3. omg, working out with no music IS THE WORST. makes it feel endless!!!

    Vodka and Soda

  4. That chicken dish looks delicious! Recipe??? And so does that soup!! (And I'm sorry I've never replied back to your comments on my page before, but I finally found your blog!) So let me know what your email is, and I'll tell you how to fix being a "no-reply blogger" if you'd like, so I can reply to your comments!! :-)

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