Monday, January 13, 2014

Somewhere Sunny & 75

-I finished Friday Night Lights on Netflix
-I finished reading The Help

-I started reading Allegiant
-I made pickle roll-up dip (It'll be on my 26 by 26 post)
-I went to BWW with a couple of friends to watch the Saints v Seahawks
-I went over to the Hipsters to watch the Patriots v. Colts
-Went out to a bar afterwards w/The Hipsters & a couple others to chill

-I was supposed to hang out w/Mr. Fireman to wash my car & watch more Breaking Bad but the night before he got called in for yet another shift (which as of right now stands at 8 days straight)
-Instead my first Texas friend invited me over & we washed our cars, I watched him sharpen his lawn mower blade, & then I helped him plan his upcoming trip to San Antonio where he is planning on proposing to his girlfriend. (So that ring up there is for her not me lol)


  1. Didn't you love The Help? I read it a few years ago (before I saw the movie, which was a MAJOR disappointment!) and thought it was amazing!

    1. The book was so good! I hardly remember the movie but the book is definitely always better.

  2. Looks like you had a good weekend! Thanks for linking up!
    xo Showered With Design

  3. I loved Friday night lights, my boyfriend and I watched all six seasons in a month. The movie the help was so good, did you like the book better?

    1. I definitely liked the book better. But as a general rule I always prefer the book.

  4. is FNL really good? my friend raved about it but i had trouble with the first 2 episodes....

    Vodka and Soda

    1. I liked it. The first 2 or 3 episodes aren't like the rest really. If I remember correctly the first 2 or 3 they try and make it so it's a whole week leading up to the game in one episode where they were labeling it on & so forth. On about 3 or 4 they abandoned that & started treating it like a normal show.

  5. I love BWW! That ring is gorgeous!!

    Thanks for linking up! :)