Monday, January 20, 2014

Happy MLK Day

-I picked up Heaven is for Real to start reading.
-I drove around downtown Houston for a good 30-45 minutes trying to pick up a race packet but due to the fact that a)downtown is confusing b)I didn't have cash for most lots & c)a lot of roads were shut down I drove home without the packet.
-Luckily I was exhausted & passed out sometime before 9 because my alarm was set for 4:15 the next morning.

-I woke up bright & early to head downtown for the ABB 5K
-I relaxed at home for most of the day afterwards.
-Around 7 Mr. Fireman came over & we drank, played Phase 10, watched part of Talledega Nights & Dave Chapelle before going to bed.
(There will be a post dedicated to Saturday coming up...)

-After tossing & turning most of the night I made Mr. Fireman move with me to my more comfortable futon.
-After finally get a couple more hours of comfortable sleep we woke up & played some more Phase 10.
-After barely beating him in the game we went out for breakfast.
-After breakfast he dropped me off & I spent most of the day watching Dawson's Creek on Netflix (I'd never seen the series before...I made fun of my friend in high school for being so far with season 1 not impressed but I must finish the series now that I've started it.)

Technically I'm still on the weekend because we have today off for MLK Day.

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  1. Looking forward to reading more about Saturday.

    Thanks for linkin' up! :)