Friday, November 22, 2013

I'm Leavin On A Jet Plane

1. Monday was my Insanity rest day.
2. A student told me I looked like I'd lost weight on Monday
3. I decided to start looking into grad school.
4. Two of my seniors from last year came to visit me on Tuesday.
5. Went to Freebirds & because they were out of bacon the lady didn't charge me for the sour cream or guacamole.
6. I luckily had $100 "hiding" in my checking account... (see #5 below)
7. At 6 pm today I will be flying back to Minnesota for just over a week!

1. My calves kept cramping all day long on Monday.
2. I had to take a test for my ESL certification on Tuesday.
3. I have been so exhausted all week.
4. I decided to give Freebirds a 2nd chance...they were out of more strike & they are dead to me forever. (Although honestly it's not that great tasting anyway...)
5. ... I realized that I accidentally charged my $120 test to my checking account instead of my credit card like normal (see #6 above)

Five for Friday
Random thoughts/things that occurred during this past week.

1. While sitting in the parking lot waiting to take my test on Tuesday I realized just how much can change in such a short amount of time & yet be almost exactly the same.
2. While nearly choking on water I bent over & the student next to me patted my back & said "GIIIIRL why you down there?!  Put your arms up!  There ain't no air down there!" I then started dying a little more due to laughter.
3. On Wednesday a former student came to see me because he needed to find his girlfriend (my current student) to apologize because he "messed up real bad".
4. Thursday I went to the antique store to buy my cousin a stiffed crow...
5. I cannot stand blogging on my phone!!

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