Thursday, July 18, 2013

Random Thursday: 5 Things On Your Bucket List

These come from my current 101 in 1001 which expires in June of 2015.
1. Throw a dart at a map & go.
2. Have 30% of my student loans paid off.
3. Sleep in the bed of a truck under the stars.
4. Learn to speak Spanish.
5. Be a part of a flash mob.


  1. I love the idea to throw a dart at a map and just go! That is fantastic! I should do that too!

  2. Man, these are some really good ones! Particularly the map one and the sleeping in the bed of a truck one. Also I can start you on Spanish with the first thing I ever learned: Mi burro esta enfuego. It means "My donkey is on fire." Can't even tell you how useful it's been. *sarcasm* I bet Lin could help you out with some ACTUAL useful Spanish though, right Lin?

    Thanks for linking up with us and sharing your awesome ideas!

  3. These are great! Love the flash mob one!