Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Social

1. Top 3 Favorite Kinds of Food.
-Salad w/Ranch
-Chicken & Wild Rice Soup
-Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo

2. First 3 Things You Do In the Morning.
-Turn on my light
-Turn off my fan
-Respond to my friend's text message(s)

3. Last 3 Things You Do At Night.
-Write it in my 5 year journal
-Write in my actual journal
-Check Twitter

4. 3 TV Shows You Never Miss.
I DVR everything & don't actually watch anything while it's on but 3 of the shows are:
-Chicago Fire
-How I Met Your Mother

5. 3 Places You Want To Visit.
I want to go EVERYWHERE.  I have insane Wanderlust.  But 3 places I haven't been yet in the US.
-North Carolina
-Washington DC

6. 3 People You Can Always Count On
-My parents 
-My brother
-My cousin/best friend Becky


  1. We actually don't own a dvr, which makes watching TV somewhat of a pain especially when I have several shows on at the same time. I do really enjoy Nashville, but it's on the same time as Top Chef, and again without a DVR, I don't always get to watch it.

    And yes, I'm stopping by from Sunday Social

  2. I dvr everything too! I would be lost without it! Stopping by from Sunday Social!

  3. Hey there, found you through the hop! I dvr everything too...hate waiting for commercials to end! And my heart sings for broccoli alfredo! Yum, I'm hungry now!

    New follower, swing by my site and follow back if you wish!