Sunday, January 6, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

1. Breakfast
-Yogurt & Chocolate Milk

2. Multi-Colored
-My parents' Christmas tree

3. Starts w/the Letter C
-My favorite coffee in the world

4. Roll

-My dog Jack likes to roll his ball around

5. Future
-This is the last snow I'll be seeing for a long time...back to TX I go!


  1. It sure looks like Jack enjoyed the snow. Pretty Christmas tree. I like your Rudolph/Herbie ornament :)

  2. Wish I was going to Texas. I've got a foot of snow in my yard.
    Cute dog pic. My current dog doesn't like ball, but all my previous dogs loved it-great way to wear them out.

  3. That must be hard being so far from family! I'm in education (although I don't teach any longer)... So I totally understand what you're feeling about teaching. Love. Hate. Relationship!
    Is Jack your traveling companion? Or does he live with your family? Good pic of him playing with the ball. Pets are hard to photograph.

  4. As I love pets, I would love to play ball with Jack.

  5. Love the larger light bulbs on your parent's tree. Well done with this week's prompts and safe journey back to TX.