Thursday, January 3, 2013

Memories, Dreams, & Reflections

I used to do "Scavenger Hunt Sunday" religiously.  Turns out I haven't done it in over 3 months.  I know I already do "Sunday Social" but I'm going to attempt to do SHS again.  Partly because I'm trying to take a photo a day & partly because I miss taking pictures.  I used to take so many more than I do now.  So to kick this off I'm joining in on Memories, Dreams, & Reflections 2012.  (If you want to see my MDR 2011 you can do so here.)  I had one from 2010 as well but I deleted that blog about a year ago.  If you want to participate in MDR or SHS head on over to Ashley's blog!

1. Me!

April - Road Trip w/My Cousin Becky

2. I Love You

August - My Cousin Liz's Wedding

3. Still Laughing...

March - That's Scotty from Eurotrip.  My friend bumped into him in Austin & all that came out of her mouth was "EUROTRIP?!"

4. Winter Wonderland

November - My Parents' Yard

5. Birthday

October - Luke Bryan/Jason Aldean Concert

6. Friends

December - Our Favorite Bar In College

7. I Was Inspired...

September - At Eric Church.  I was inspired by this girl to start working out & eating better.

8. Spring Fever

May - My Parents' Yard

9. Travel or Vacation

April-May - Route My Cousin Becky & I Took On Our Road Trip

10. Summer Days

July - County Fair

11. A Day In My Life

September - My Students The Day The Power Went Out

12. All Smiles

July - My Favorite Little Girl

13. Autumn Harvest

October - Pumpkin Carving Party

14. Family or Home

August - The Home I Grew Up In...My parents still live there.

15. Celebrate!

February - Mardi Gras

16. Let's Do It Again...

April - Road Trip With Becky

17. I Miss You

April - My Old Roommates

18. Beautiful

March - Miranda Lambert at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo

19. Dress Up

April - Titanic Exhibit at the Houston Science Museum

20. Macro

January - Houston Holocaust Museum

21. Holidays

December - Christmas Day

22. My Favorite

August - WeFest...My Favorite 5 Days Of The Year

23. Don't Ever Change

November - Como Zoo...My 2 favorite little people in the whole world

24. Just Because...So There!

June - I Got My Second Tattoo

25. Hopes & Dreams
June - Oklahoma Sunset...This was hard to put into a picture but I love this one.  So my hopes & dreams?
-Fall in love
-Travel as much as possible
-Get healthier
-Just be happy

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  1. This is cool! Love your pictures. And great hopes and dreams you have for 2013!