Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Healthy Eating...For Real This Time

I need to eat better.  I already do a lot better than I used to.  I don't snack as much & when I do it's healthier stuff.  I stopped packing brownies & chips in my lunches and started packing granola bars & fruit.  In December I essentially gave up fast food all together, except for twice, but considering I used to stop at Whataburger fairly often for breakfast & McDonalds from time to time right after work that's saying something.  I've also basically given up pop.  I went a whole month without it & have had some since but not a lot.

My problem is I live alone.  I hate cooking for myself.  That means I eat A LOT of pasta.  It's just easy.  I make a whole box of pasta on Sunday & it lasts me through Friday.  While I love pasta, & did switch to whole grain so it's slightly healthier, it's getting really boring & pasta at least 5 times a week isn't the best thing in the world.  I never have the ambition to make some elaborate meal when I'm the only that's going to eat it.

My other problem is that it has to be least my lunches.  I basically need to have them prepared the night before or be able to throw it together in 5 minutes or less because I live a half hour from my job & have to be there by about 6:30-6:45.  I am not a huge fan of sandwiches...I'm so weird about bread & I don't even really know how to describe it except for the fact that more often than not I will give up on the bread before I finish a sandwich & just eat the insides...Breakfast also has to be fairly quick for the same reason.  For that though I think I'm just going to start making smoothies & shakes.  That way I can eat/drink on the go.

Supper doesn't have as much of a time constraint but I'm usually so worn out by the end of the day that I don't want to spend a lot of time cooking.  So my goal is that starting January 14 (I won't be back until late on the 6th & still have some food to get rid of in my apartment) is to stop eating pasta all the time, eat healthier, & get creative.  Pinterest here I come! ... if any of you know of any quick, healthy ideas I'm open for suggestions!

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