Sunday, January 1, 2012

Memories, Dreams, & Reflections 2011

I have/had a photography blog.  All I ever put in it though was photos for Scavenger Hunt Sunday & maybe some random photos here & there.  So I decided I want to condense.  Starting with the first SHS of the year: MDR I will be including them in my main blog, this one.  So enjoy & go check out others who linked up for "Memories, Dreams, & Reflections 2011"  You can also check out my MDR from 2010 if curious.

1. Me!
Me on St. Patty's Day.
2. I Love You
My dog Jack.

3. Still Laughing...
My friends & I went to a garage sale this summer & wound up getting scolded.
4. Winter Wonderland
This is from February.  So far this winter looks like fall still.
5. Birthday

This year I celebrated my golden, 23rd, birthday.  I celebrated 2 days in a row.  This is from the 2nd night when we got a limo for $15.  Score!
6. Friends
Some friends from high school at one of my going away parties in December.
7. I Was Inspired...
I always find the mountains inspiring.
8. Spring Fever
I love it when trees/plants start to blossom in the spring.
9. Travel/Vacation
Two friends & I went on a week long road trip for spring break.
10. Summer Days
Nothing says summer more than fairs.
11. A Day In My Life
A shot of my planner from September.
12. All Smiles
My favorite little boy loving his whoopi cushion.
13. Fall Harvest

This year the leaves held onto their green for a long time.  There was a very small window of "color" before they dropped.
14. Family or Home
This February my cousin had a 2nd child; adding to our family.
15. Celebrate!
Celebrating my birthday round 1.
16. Let's Do It Again...
WeFest.  I can't wait to go back for the 30th Anniversary.
17. I Miss You
One of my best friends left for Kuwait back in July.
18. Beautiful
Ceremony location for a friend's wedding.
19. Dress Up

Halloween: My Favorite Holiday
20. Macro
21. Holidays
Our Christmas Tree.
22. My Favorite
I took a series of lightening shots in May that I am definitely in love with.
23. Don't Ever Change
My favorite people from my major.
24. Just Because...So There!
I went hunting again for the first time in about a decade.
25. Hopes & Dreams
Finding a "big girl" job & love would both be great but overall I just want to be happy.

Memories, Dreams, & Reflections 2011


  1. Great set of memories. It looks like you had such a fun and wonderful year. I wish you to have even better time in 2012 and many more hunting trips!!!

  2. What a great year - I especially love your inspired shot. Happy New Year!

  3. Yay for you lightning! It's one of my favs to capture for sure.

  4. You sure love life, what fun attitude. Your photos are beautiful. Happy 2012!