Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Solo Road Trip

After today I don't know when I'll get internet again.  I know it will be eventually because I will need it for school, but still, I don't know exactly when.  So I thought I'd tell you about my solo road trip/move thus far incase I can't tell you about it for awhile & then forget all together.

 Yesterday I arrived in Kansas City. I'm actually just killing time right now before checking out since I have such a short drive today. My original plan was to drive the 12ish hours to Oklahoma City & arrive in Houston on day 2. Well I still wasn't feeling all that great so I decided to break it into 3 days instead of 2. Which really is better anyway as far as moving in goes. I was a little bit of a wreck when I left yesterday & I'm sure being sick didn't help. I started feeling better about Iowa though & I stopped crying pretty much right when I left my driveway.

I arrived at my hotel with 5 minutes to spare for my Monday night line up to start. I am in love with How I Met Your Mother & it's been all repeats lately & I missed the last 2 new episodes due to work so I was not about to miss this episode. I was a little worried that I would get bored driving by myself. Don't get me wrong it was totally my decision, I had multiple offers from people to ride with me. It was something I wanted to do by myself though. It was actually really good. I was starting to get a little stir crazy so I'm glad I decided to break the drive up.

I didn't do anything exciting once I got here. I just called home, turned on the TV, & ordered a pizza. I am in love with this hotel bed & don't want to get out of it. I should probably finish getting ready to leave though cause I think I wanna check out some of Oklahoma City & I don't really wanna do it once it's dark out just cause I'm alone. Plus, I'm sure most things close about 5 & I still have a 5 hour drive ahead of me.

I reached Oklahoma City today. It was only about a 4 hour drive today. I had my hopes up to go to the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum when I got here but go figure the one day I'm here with time to kill it's closed for inventory. So now I'm just chilling at the hotel waiting for dinner. I might go out & explore after dinner, we'll see. The hotel I'm at is the nicest one I've ever stayed in. It's like a mini apartment. And while smaller, it's nicer than my last apartment too ha. I walked in to complimentary milano cookies & water bottles. They also have free dinner (chicken parmesan tonight!) that also includes beer & wine. There is also free breakfast & internet which is always required for the hotels I stay in ha. When I left my hotel this morning I got "lost" in that my GPS couldn't find my location right away & so I just kept driving until it could. Then it took me through the cutest little neighborhoods to get me back to the freeway. Whatever part of downtown Kansas City I got "lost" in was definitely amazing. I also got to drive through the Flint Hills in Kansas today which I am absolutely in love with. They are so gorgeous & they just make me so happy with their wide open spaces. And now here I am in my super nice hotel (and no it didn't cost a fortune ha less than $100 after taxes). I was just reminded to check out the OKC bombing site so I might head over there after dinner when it's all lit up.

Tomorrow I am heading to Houston.   

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