Wednesday, December 5, 2012

San Diego? Me?

Yesterday I had a recruiter for the Marines come and speak to my classes.  By about 3rd period he seriously had me almost convinced to join.  The Air Force or Air Guard is something I seriously considered this past summer.  If I didn't get a teaching job that was my plan because there was no way I could keep working a part time job.  The recruiter & I were talking after my classes and he gave me a form to fill out.  It's some educators workshop where I would basically learn what the students go through during boot camp I believe.  It's not a for sure because there is some sort of selection process but if I'm selected I would get to go to San Diego in July...FOR FREE!  They pay for airfare, food, & hotel.  The only thing I would have to pay for is anything I choose to buy as a souvenir.  Well, & I'd have to pay for gas because they fly out of Houston & come July I'll be back in MN.  But are you kidding me?  All I have to pay for is gas & I get to go to San Diego for free?  I am really hoping I get picked to go.

Off topic, earlier I posted about how I am giving up fast food for the month of December.  Confession: I ate a happy meal from McDonalds on the 2nd.  In my defense I didn't decide to do the challenge until the next day.  I went to McDonalds Monday AND Tuesday.  I did not fall off the wagon though!  On Monday I went through the drive through & got 2 large diet cokes, 4 large fries, & a hot and spicy...I was the only one in the car ha.  Not a single thing was for me.  I got some food for a couple teachers & some students who were staying after school.  Then on Tuesday I went back once again so I could pick up 2 large diet cokes, 1 large powerade, 2 McDoubles, 2 hot & spicys, 2 large fries, & a 20 piece chicken nugget for another teacher who was buying for a couple teachers & students.  Luckily I wasn't alone in the car that time ha.  I was so proud of myself for not getting or eating any of it.  (Even after I knew there would be extra nuggets & considered it.)  Then this morning I even turned a teacher down when she asked if I wanted her to get me breakfast from McDonalds.  I was seriously craving Whataburger breakfast today during school though.  Can December just end already?!

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  1. hahaha too funny! you are strong willed, the nuggets would have GOT me!