Friday, November 30, 2012

5k Friday

I'm starting yet another weekly post.  Because I don't have enough of those already right?  At least these keep me posting even when I don't have anything to say time to write out posts about my life.  These weekly posts force me to keep up with my blog.  I don't need another one of my former frequent blog hiatus.  So what is 5k Friday?  Well as of right now I'm signed up to do the Warrior Dash in March, which if you knew me is ridiculous.  What's even more ridiculous is the fact that it was my idea & I talked 3 other people into it.  Why is it ridiculous?  Well I don't run...EVER.  So I decided to start the Couch 2 5k program.  THERE'S AN APP FOR THAT! (and it's free!).  I included a link for those of you unfamiliar with C25K or for those of you wanting to start it!   I'm here to take you along on my journey to being a runner.  It's a 3 day a week program so I'm going to do MWF.  I'll write about it each day but I'll only post on Fridays at to not overwhelm anyone, myself included.  I'm also going to weigh myself each Monday so I'll include that jazz at the bottom.  So now that that long intro is out of the way...

Monday November 26: Today was my first day back in Texas after being in MN for 10 days.  I decided what better day to start training for a 5k.  (Plus I'm possibly also doing the Color Run in February & this is an 8 week program so I needed to start now just in case!)  It was supposed to rain which slightly worried me because as you read above I'm not a runner so I may have used the rain as an excuse to put it off.  Luckily, it didn't.  It was 80 degrees outside!  But it was cloudy & breezy so it was kind of perfect.  I learned 2 3 things on this run:

A)I am out of shape!  I'm not fat by any means.  Sure I have some weight I could lose but nothing drastic.  On a bad day I weigh 170 & I stand 5'10.  However, even with my at least once a week 2 mile brisk walk I've been doing...I'm still terribly out of shape.  Throw in a few intervals 60 seconds worth of jogging & suddenly you'd think I was on the verge of death or had just run a marathon...

B) Before I do run my 5k I need new shoes.  My tennis shoes are so worn out & my feet actually hurt while some of the time while running.

C) I need a longer route.  I used the same route that I had been for my 2 mile walk which normally takes me about 30 minutes on the dot. Once you throw in some jogging though, even if it is slow, out of shape jogging, that 2 miles isn't long enough.  I shaved off about 4-5 minutes & the program takes 30 minutes.  Plus a 5k is just over 3 miles.  I'm going to have to think about this one.

Wednesday November 28: Remember how it was 80 degrees outside when I was jogging 2 days ago??  It was right about 60 today.  It felt great to run in but on my cool down walk back it got slightly chilly...I'm sure the sweat didn't help.  I'm still in desperate need of shoes because they still have holes in them but I tightened them up more this time & my feet didn't hurt near as bad today.  Also, I didn't want to die on my first 60 seconds of running.  Actually I had pretty steady breathing the entire time except for it started getting a little bit harder on my last 60 seconds of running. (I do 8 intervals of 60 sec. run/90 sec. walk).  I also added distance onto my route so my cool down actually ended up being longer than the 5 min I'm supposed to do.  Friday I'm going to have to hustle home after work to get a run & shower in because I'm pretty sure I'm going to a hockey game Friday night.

Friday November 30: Today's run felt like it went by a whole lot quicker.  I can feel my stomach tightening up.  It feels amazing in a sore sort of way.  I also noticed that I was running faster.  Not only could I feel it but I got to a farther point by the time my workout was over than I had the past 2 times.  However, during the middle part I felt like I was going to die again.  Maybe it's because I went an hour earlier than normal?  Maybe it's because I was running faster?  Maybe because despite the fact that it's cloudy & only 75 there is absolutely no breeze!  I also definitely need new shoes...maybe I should just add them to my Christmas list since the rest is kind of crap stuff anyway...except for the acoustic guitar...I want that.  Today I had to pause during walking like 3 or 4 times because the laces kept coming undone.  I was totally excited for today's run too.  I booked it out of school so that I would be able to have time to run, shower, & get dressed before heading out to the game...which I should be hopping in the shower like NOW.

Day 1:
Weight - 168.6 lbs
Body Fat Weight - 44.8 lbs
Body Fat Percentage - 26.6% (On target for my age/gender is 18-28%)
Body Water Percentage - 53.5% (On target for age/gender is 45-60%)
Bone Mass Value - 7.2% (On target for age/gender is 6.2-7%...does this mean I have heavy bones??)
BMI - 24.4 (On target is 20-25)
...oh yeah my goal weight is to be 160 because that's what my driver's license says & it wasn't a lie so I want to be back there.

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