Saturday, February 4, 2012

My Week In Photos

Jan 29 - Day 29
Valentine's Day/Birthday package for my cousin's kids.
Jan 30 - Day 30
The sky looked gorgeous while the sun was setting.
Jan 31 - Day 31
So random I know but I love thay the state of TX is on all the overpasses.

Feb 1 - Day 32
I went to watch the Varsity Boys' Soccer game.  We lost 2-1.

Feb 2 - Day 33
I am in love with these.  Hot dogs rolled up in crescent rolls.

Feb 3 - Day 34
We went to a sketchy bar right next to our apartment where we danced & played ski ball.

Feb 4 - Day 35
We went back to Whiskey River.  I <3 that place.

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