Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Care Package #1

I was originally going to showcase this care package on this upcoming Military Monday but then I remembered that the 4th is a Monday this year so I'm going to put a 4th of July spin on it instead.  I mailed out Branden's very first care package today.  I was super excited about it.  His birthday is July 5th so I tried to put an Independence Day/Birthday spin on the package.  I some what got the birthday affect but the Independence Day theme was lacking.  It was a tad hard to do either considering that I will be picking him up less than two weeks after he gets it.  That meant that I couldn't really send him anything big or even a ton of food because he would just end up bringing some of it back with him.  I also didn't really want to send decorations because he will be there for such a short time after he gets it.  Fireworks were definitely out of the question.  So what did he get?

-Funfetti Cake in a Jar
-Funfetti Frosting
-Birthday Card
-Beef Jerky
-Special K Protein Meal Bars
-Protein Bites
-Koolaid Fizzy Drink Tablets
-The Sports Section of a few papers
-A Comics section
-Sunflower Seeds
-Fun Animal Plates
-2 Little Flags

I just used wrapping paper to decorate the inside of the box.

The birthday stuff (not pictured candles)

The other stuff (not pictured: flags & newspapers)

The completed package.  The thing on top is a table of contents.

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