Thursday, June 30, 2011


1. Seriously?!... in 14 hours the MN Government is going to shut down.  Way to go guys!

2. Seriously?!... you all need to go vote for my friend right now in the Dance with Britney video contest!  Go do it!  Her name is Taylor P.

3. Seriously?!... in 2 weeks I get to see my best friend again.  Wee!

4. Seriously?!... Minnesotan's must have complained enough about the cold & rain because mother nature decided that yesterday & today should be sunny & in the 90s.

5. Seriously?!... I have 5 weeks to whip my body into shape for WeFest.


  1. Man, what is with Gov'ts and shutting down lately?!? NJ Gov't was actually going to shut down last month, but I'm not sure if it's actually going to go through, we'll see.

    Goin' to vote right now. :D Have a great weekend!

  2. Let us now how the 5 wees of whipping works!! I have like an hour ;)