Saturday, April 16, 2011

19 Days & Counting

Once again I'm skipping the boy drama.  I promise I will tell you all about it, from start to finish, but it's going to be the last thing on that list of things to blog about crossed off.

I have a love/hate relationship with spring break.  I love it for the obvious, I get a break from school & get to go on super fun trips.  However, I hate it because it makes going back to school 10x harder.  Usually by spring break time I am so ready for the break because I am starting to check out of the semester but when I came back I was completely checked out & not wanting to go back.  It doesn't help that that's also usually the time when everything starts piling up.  It's almost as if we do nothing the entire semester until that last 3-4 weeks when everything needs to be completed & turned in.  Luckily, I have 19 days left of this semester, and that includes finals.  I have 6 days of class & 3 days of finals, though I'm still hoping that we don't have to go in for all of them.  In that time I still have: a 5 day unit plan to finish, a presentation, 3 tests, 1 paper, some online discussions, & 6 quizzes due. 

Oh yeah, & I still have to pack up my room so I can move everything back home since I am starting a new job in the beginning of May & I have no weekends to do any of this.  Well I have this weekend, but that's it because the next 2 are booked & then I'm home.

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