Friday, April 15, 2011

From MN to TX?

I'm skipping over my boy drama for now because I don't know exactly how I feel at the moment other than slightly pissed off.  So, because my student teaching application was due today and that's happier and more exciting than having boy drama, I'll tell you about that.

I know I've had a few posts about student teaching & all of my plans that have come about and failed.  Well, as of 9:30 last night my application is finally in & while I could edit it, I won't.  So if everything goes as planned, and it should, at the end of December/beginning of January I will be moving down to Houston, TX.  I am so excited.  I have never been there before.  I've been to Amarillo, but really TX is so big & that's so far away anywhere else it'd be a whole different state.

Anyway, this district is huge.  Their school district has around 60,000 students.  That's the same size as the town I live in for college.  I'll also only be an hour and a half away from the Gulf of Mexico.  I know it's not technically the ocean but since I've never been to the ocean, & the largest body of water I've been to is Lake Superior, it's good enough for me.  I am so excited that I get to live somewhere different for awhile.  I'm really hoping to get a job in Wyoming or Colorado after I graduate but if I can't, student teachers have a pretty good shot at getting hired into the district as long as there are openings and the starting salary in that district is quite a bit hire, with a lower or equal cost of living, as CO, WY, or MN. 

The only thing I am nervous about is finding a roommate.  I am hoping that someone from school is going down to TX so that I can live with one of them otherwise I have to contact the lady down in TX & hopefully find someone to live with because I can't afford to live alone.  It will also be least that I've ever seen my family.  Since I've lived in this apartment (so the past 2 years) I've gone home at least once a month.  The apartment before that I went home at least every couple months & before that I was in the dorms going home every weekend.  But my mom said that her & my dad might take a road trip down to GA to see my dad's uncle & then they would come over to TX to see me.  Plus, a couple of my friends have already said that they will be coming down to visit, hopefully during the Houston Rodeo haha.

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