Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Take A Look Ahead

In 31 days this year will be over.  One thing that I absolutely love about December, & others hate as my roommate has told me many times, is the look back at what major events have occurred over the year, top trends, top songs, etc.  I can assure you that as this month goes on there will be plenty of 2010 flashbacks, both personal and non-personal.  To start the month off tho I figured I'd take a look forward to see what exciting things the next year has for me.

-I start my 8th semester at SCSU.  This semester is basically going to be a make up for the past with mostly re-takes.
-I also get to help students out with research & such for History Day which is a national competition.

-I have a jewelry party to go to on the 5th.

-Spring Break! 2 of my roommates & I are going on a Man v. Food road trip.

-Easter.  I love holidays & getting together with family.

-The end of my senior year.
-I'm moving back to my parents' house.

-I really have no plans as of yet but it'll be summer & I won't have classes so I'm sure I'll find something.

-Basically the same as June.  I normally have Independence Day plans because that has always been Branden & I's holiday but this year a)he's gone & b)we aren't together.

-I start my finally year of school.

-No big plans except for school as Sep. is so far away.

-My golden birthday! (23)
-I go into the field for teaching


-My last semester of classes.
I don't have a ton of huge plans for this next year yet exactly but it's sure to be an intense year.  I'm moving back to my parents', I have to apply to student teach, Branden is deploying, I need to make a decision on Ireland, closer to the end of the year I need to start looking seriously at where I would like to teach and move to, and I find out where I'll be student teaching...just to name a few.

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