Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday Finds

I love Black Friday deals.  Enough to be there at 3 am?  Heck no.  I got super lucky as far as working retail goes.  I got Thanksgiving off even though we were open and I didn't have to work until 3pm even though we opened at 6.  So since I was still at my parents my mom & I woke up around 7am, left aroun 8, & started shopping about 8:30-9am.  Neither of us were really looking for anything important.  We stopped at Target, Kohls, Menards, & Walmart.  As far as shopping for Christmas goes I now have I think 5 people completely taken care of.  Woo! Haha only 3 more that I for sure have to get & then depending on what we decide to do for Christmas on my mom's side... maybe a few more.  On to the finds!

1. Movies for me.  At $3 or $4 a piece I couldn't resist.
2. My brother wanted seasons of Weeds for Christmas, $10/piece!
3. CD & Decorations for of my best friends. Less than $20
4. A sweet new outfit for Branden's sister's baby $7
1-3 were Target finds & 4 was from Walmart

So now I have my bff from hs, brother, Branden, dad, & little Caden done.  I still need to for sure get something for my mama, a gift for a Christmas party with some college friends, & Adan (my cousin's son).  I will probably get something for Branden's parents, maybe his sister Amanda, and if we don't draw/do a dice game for my mom's side I'll do a picture frame thing for 3 of my girl cousins (I'm going to put a picture of the 4 of us in it), if we do draw then I may still do the frame thing & a gift for the drawing/game.

My mom wants a Kindel so that's what my dad is getting her.  So I was thinking that from me & my brother we would get her a cover/case for it & she just recently told me she wanted Dallas on DVD.  So... that's what she is going to get.

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