Monday, June 14, 2010

All Over The Place

I was planning on starting a food diary today anyway because I have been eating a ton of junk and it has been making me feel sick and gross. I figured this way I can see what I am getting too much of or not enough of. But now I also have a new reasoning which may sound weird. Yesterday my tongue got this cool minty feeling on/in it. I felt it pretty much right away in the morning and then it kind of went away but by the end of the day it was back. I was (still kind of am) freaked out by it because I do not have any explanation for it. I did some research on it and could not find ANYTHING. I did come across two threads on a website called misdiagnosis though. I will post them incase anyone is interested.

A common theme was acid reflux. Many of them said they suffered from it so that could be the cause. Others said they didn't have it or did but it was under control so it couldn't be the case. Needless to say I was already to go to the doctor today to have them check me out. But then I looked up acid reflux (which I have a lot of the symptoms) & how they test it. Well I have work today & they put you under to do the test so that is just not an option. So instead I am going to go a step further with the food diary & note if there is any changes in how I feel & this crazy tongue situation. It doesn't hurt at all it's just annoying and slightly unnerving because I have no clue what it is or why it just suddenly occured yesterday. It's back again this morning by the way. I am hoping that it goes away naturally and that it is nothing too serious. I am a complete hypochondriac so when some people were suggesting cancer & such I about freaked. Luckily 99% of the people seem to just relate it to acid reflux which isn't great but it sure as hell isn't cancer.

On a lighter note, I saw two different movies over the weekend. Saturday my roommate & I went to go see Letters To Juliet. I really liked it. It was your typical chick flick. But I still really liked it. There were things that I never would have guessed about the movie just from watching the previews which I liked because I didn't know the whole story going into it. Plus I was def. in the mood for a sappy love story and knew that Branden wasn't going to want to watch it with me the next day lol. Yesterday Branden & I went to go see Get Him To The Greek. This was a movie that I did want to see but wasn't super psyched about or anything. I LOVED it. I have not laughed so hard and so much in a movie since the Hangover. I cannot wait for this movie to come out. I will probably end up buying Letters To Juliet at some point but Get Him To The Greek is a movie that I will be buying hands down, no questions asked.

Branden's oldest sister is getting married on Saturday. It clicked that we haven't even bought her a present yet. So after I finish this & get dressed I am going to Target to print off their list and pick some things up, such as a diary for my food. Then tomorrow we are going to go pick something out. As of right now it's supposed to be a nice sunny 75 degree day. I am hoping that that sticks because just a couple of days ago it was supposed to be a stormy day & they are getting married outside.

I am so excited to have 3 weddings to go to this year. I have been to many weddings in my life but now that I am getting closer to the age where I am wanting to get married, I am excited to see all of the ideas that people have and what they do. I also have a wedding the following weekend for which I have not bought a present. Luckily the third isn't until October.

Ok I'm done now. At this point I'm just rambling and looking for things to write. I must get my but in gear because I do work later. Perhaps on this day off from school (I emailed in because last night I was planning on going to the doctor) I should actually be productive. Clean my room perhaps? We'll see.

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